Article Distribution for Quality Link Building

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Link mass remains one of the main ranking factors in search results. If a project’s internal optimization is fine, the effectiveness of website promotion depends on the quality of external optimization.

Article Distribution for Quality Link Building

Well-established article distribution will allow you to get quality backlinks on a regular basis. If the project owner makes every effort to form a content distribution strategy, the website will eventually be able to outperform its competitors.

The situation is different in each niche, but if the link profile grows steadily, there is every chance of consistent advancement in search results for relevant queries. Therefore, webmasters should spend more time creating useful content.

1. What Is Article Distribution?

Article distribution is the process of placing publications on external platforms to get backlinks and referral traffic. Reputable projects usually publish content to maintain brand awareness at a high level.

Websites just beginning their SEO journey should quickly show search engine algorithms that they are worthy of attention. This goal can be achieved with quality content.

Article distribution is considered to consist of two steps — writing and distribution — but in reality, it is much more complicated. To get good results on backlinks and traffic, you should create a comprehensive content distribution strategy made of a dozen separate steps.

For example, you can save money by reusing content, but this approach is of little use. Reputable projects do not always accept content considered nonunique by search engine algorithms.

Various sources can be used to distribute content, but it is better to post the articles on reputable projects and receive additional links. Reposting on social media is also useful, but it gives minimal profit.

The distribution of informational articles on each type of project has its peculiarities, so you should not assume that you can solve the task by creating 2-3 articles that will gather a few reposts.

You are not likely to achieve the goals set if the distribution strategy does not take into account modern methods of interaction with the audience of different platforms. Therefore, you must raise the bar for each new piece of content.

1.1. Paid

When beginners to SEO ask to explain what is a paid content distribution, they usually get an answer about paying for sponsored content on a link exchange platform.

However, paid distribution is not limited to services where website owners can buy links. For example, you can delegate the creation and distribution of content to special agencies. They will take care of the entire cycle of content distribution.

The cost of such services is a topic for a separate discussion, but it is important to realize that content can be distributed in different ways. And sponsored posting can have a new scenario each time. For example, authoritative marketing resources gladly accept useful content and do not mind backlinks if they look natural in the article. The effectiveness of paid distribution depends on content characteristics rather than the budget. If the website owner cares about the audience, they will not post low-quality articles even for double the rate.

1.2. Free

Webmasters not engaged in content distribution often think it is impossible to get links from authoritative resources without money, but this is a gross mistake.

Most projects are happy to accept useful articles if they don’t look like blatant advertising and contain unique ideas. It is difficult to apply this link-building method on a regular basis, but getting 5-10 new links every month is quite possible.

The main challenge is to create content that authoritative resources will accept for publication. And then — get a positive reaction from the local community. In practice, you can achieve this goal only if you put in as much effort as possible.

In search results, you can find many examples of websites that managed to get good visibility precisely because of the steady content distribution. The cost of creating content in each case may vary greatly, but the positive result will outweigh everything.

If you need to increase the site’s authority in a highly competitive and specific niche, the costs can be high. Therefore, you should make preliminary calculations and only then proceed to actions. 

2. Main Benefits

Online article distribution can act as a catalyst for an increase in a website’s visibility in search results, but it won’t be instant. Cases where a project gets a link burst thanks to content or useful tools are rare.

If a website owner decides to invest in content marketing, he or she should prepare for a lengthy routine process. A content distribution plan should be created, its results should be monitored, and the strategy should be updated regularly.

To figure out whether you should promote a project with content, you need to analyze the benefits of this online marketing tool. In some cases, it is easier to buy a link on a link-building marketplace.

2.1. Better ranking

Website owners often expect that the project will receive +50% in visibility in 2-3 weeks after the publication of an article in a niche media. In practice, however, it may take up to six months to achieve a positive result. It all depends on the promotion strategy and competition in the niche.

There is no point in disputing the fact that quality content can improve visibility over time. You can achieve this but only through hard work or a lucky circumstance.

Search engine algorithms can improve a website’s rankings only if there is a reason to do so. For example:

  • The number of referral conversions is steadily increasing.
  • Behavioral factors are maintained at the same level.
  • No link outflow is observed.
  • Competitors are far behind in external optimization.

The ultimate goal of all webmasters is a stable increase in visibility, but sometimes, it takes a long time. Therefore, do not expect to solve the problem quickly. 

2.2. Low cost

The cost of content creation and distribution cycle support depends on the tasks set and the project budget. For example, if you need to promote a website of a large corporation, the marketing costs can reach tens of thousands of dollars.

If it is a standard information project or a corporate website of a small firm, you can partially reduce the cost of link building with the help of quality content. That is, reduce the dependence on sponsored links in favor of guest posting or other methods of getting links.

2.3. Demonstrating expertise

Demonstrating that a project can regularly broadcast expertise on relevant topics is a very important task. Users are tired of low-grade content and are not going to waste their time on it.

The expertise demonstration benefits both information projects and commercial companies. For the latter, it is a good opportunity to expand the list of active clients. For example, if a computer firm regularly produces content that collects a lot of positive feedback, its sales can increase.

2.4. Constantly getting backlinks

Maintaining a link profile at a consistently high level is difficult, especially when it comes to projects in highly competitive niches. Therefore, content marketing can be a solution to the problem.

For example, for a smartphone manufacturer that has not yet gained user trust, useful reviews and follower support in comments can become a catalyst for awareness growth.

A negative trend in link profile

2.5. Increasing website authority

SEO specialists argue all the time about how citations without links affect brand authority. You can create many variations of the ranking formula, but Google doesn’t publish this information in the public domain.

So, there’s no point in wasting time guessing what exactly affects a website’s ranking in organic search. It is safe to say that both links and mentions without backlinks are good for the project.

2.6. The possibility to get high-quality backlinks

When it comes to link quality, webmasters often argue about which backlinks can be considered high-quality. To finally understand this issue, it is enough to analyze the approach to the promotion of websites that take high positions.

For the most part, the situation will be as follows:

  • Donor websites have a large amount of traffic.
  • The projects have stable visibility.
  • High DR on Ahrefs and good performance according to metrics of other services.

You should select potential partners for link building based on these criteria. No one knows how exactly search engine algorithms assess the authority of a resource, so you should use data that can be reviewed at any time.

You should not limit yourself to cheap content marketing. Sometimes, it’s easier to sponsor content posting and save time. PRPosting can help you get plenty of links from trusted donors.

The service offers more than 44,000 websites in various regions and niches. Using convenient filters, you can create a white list of donors in a few hours, add an article, and send requests to the selected websites. You can also order content through the same interface.

3. How Can I Distribute Website Articles?

Even the most useful content will not be beneficial without an effective distribution strategy. These two steps are of equal importance, so if there is no problem with content creation, you should streamline distribution.

There are many platforms for publishing content — the more types of websites you can reach, the better. Ideally, a project should be advertised on all available resources with a target audience.

3.1. Social media

Mentions on social media help a piece of content gain organic reach. Search engines take into account such activity, but it does not greatly affect the ranking. At the same time, if a project gets conversions with good behavioral factors, it will benefit.

You can buy posts in communities with a large number of followers who may be interested in the content. You can find them through organic results on social media by keywords. 

3.2. Influencers

Opinion leaders can help distribute content. But to do this, you must choose an influencer with a relevant audience. It makes no sense to pay for content posting to a blogger who can’t provide interested users. 

You shouldn’t pattern by collaborations common to big brands because it’s another level. If we are talking about a standard info project, it is better to cooperate with micro-influencers. 

3.3. Guest blogging

If there are target platforms on the Internet whose audience may be interested in your content, you can engage them in the development of your project. To do this, you should regularly interact with users and offer interesting content.

Even large companies take the time to post on resources with an active community. In some cases, this is done not for coverage but to increase the loyalty of potential customers.

3.4. Using content communities

Active communities are a tool that can be used even with a small budget. All you need to do is choose relevant sites, organize content creation and publishing, and monitor the results.

For example, Reddit has a very active community, and many advertisers would like to attract part of the audience to their projects. But not everyone manages to accomplish this task. 

3.5. Paid advertising on the Internet

Paid advertising can be used to promote content, but you should keep in mind that it does not always pay off. It can also be difficult to evaluate the end result of paid advertising.

It is possible to advertise an article through targeting or context, but you should estimate the potential profit in advance. If competitors do it, this doesn’t mean you should do the same. Each case is unique. 

4. Tips for Content Distribution on the Internet

Every webmaster can set up the process of content creation if they have money to pay for the services of a content-maker. But it is important to pay maximum attention to content distribution.

Website owners have many distribution channels at their disposal, so you need to prioritize properly. For example, if you manage to get a good result after the first publications in content communities, you should keep working in this field.

4.1. Find your niche audience

Content is created for a specific audience, so you need to focus on their needs. If you simply generate articles without a clear purpose, they will be of no use.

Competitor analysis helps solve this problem. You should analyze their promotion strategies, identify their strengths and weaknesses, and then create your promotion plan.

4.2. Optimize channels

Optimization means that a person responsible for distribution properly allocates resources. Even a large budget can be wasted if this rule is not followed.

It makes sense to invest in channels that have shown maximum efficiency after the first tests. This strategy allows you to recoup the costs and constantly raise the bar for quality content distribution.

4.3. Use major blog platforms

Quora, Medium, Reddit, LinkedIn, and other content distribution platforms can bring many new followers if you maintain regular activity on all the resources.

Keep in mind that each project is different, so simply reposting an original article makes no sense. It is better to spend time creating a separate strategy of interaction with each resource.

5. Is This Strategy Effective?

When newcomers ask whether to invest in content marketing, you need to look for the answer in search results. Many companies and information projects invest in content.

Content type doesn’t matter, be it text, audio, or video. Addressing the audience’s objectives should come first. If you successfully complete the task, you can count on stable traffic, increased visibility, and improved project authority.

The answer to the question of how to distribute a website article is simple and complicated at the same time. It is necessary to monitor the situation in the niche, update your distribution strategy, and devote time to channels that bring maximum results.

6. Conclusions

Content distribution on the Internet is one of the essential tools that help to promote a project in any niche. If you do it right, you can get a positive result regardless of the level of competition.

Use the tips from our article to create your content distribution strategy and ensure an increase in traffic and other important project indicators. In addition, do not forget to update the data from time to time. 


What is article distribution?

It is the process of content creation and distribution consisting of a large number of intermediate steps.

What are the advantages of content distribution?

Consistent content publication on external resources can improve visibility in organic search, increase the website’s authority, and turn the project into a recognizable brand.

How do you distribute website articles?

The distribution method depends on the chosen strategy, budget, and niche specifics. A customized content distribution plan should be created for each project.

Kyryk Oleksandr
SEO Consultant

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