What distinguishes PRPosting from the competitors?

No commission to add funds;

Availability of websites that will suit anyone’s taste, all types of websites. Appropriate for any tasks, from strong ones with high volumes of traffic, which are best suited for marketing purposes, to inexpensive PBN websites that their satellites designed for low-cost SEO solutions;

Unique set of filters: ahrefs, similarweb, moz, majestic parameters;

Multicurrency payment gateway within the framework of a single registration;

Comprehensible account balance distribution in concordance with the project budgets available in the account;

You can create a catalog for your particular tasks.

What commission does PRPosting charge?

When replenishing our system with funds you pay only the commission charged by the payment gateway used to carry out the payment. The entire amount credited to your account in our system will be available for spending.

What currencies does PRPosting accept?

We accept payments in 5 currencies: Ukrainian hryvnia, Russian rubles, US dollars, Euros, and British pounds. We have designed a unique system of digital wallets that are available in your personal profile. This system will allow you to specify the required

currency for a given project so that all prices on our website will be displayed your preferred currency.

The platforms from which countries are represented on PRPosting?

We give preference to the platforms from the United States, the United Kingdom, Ukraine, and Russia. However, we are working on extending the existing catalog in any regional direction that an advertising customer needs. If you have any specific category in an unpopular region, it wouldn’t be problematic for us to create an area that’s necessary for you.

How to start working with PRPosting?

Once you sign up on our website, we recommend that you get acquainted with the catalogs and filters. You can also make some trial searches of the things you need, for instance, search the database to find out whether we have the appropriate websites. If our catalog features the website that you require, then you can proceed with crediting your account. In order to add funds to the account, you would have to create the first project. As for the currency, we recommend indicating the currency of the region where you intend to promote the website, or simply choose USD. Next, you will have to finance your project by transferring funds from your account to the project’s balance - you can perform this operation in the Finance section of the corresponding project. Depending on whether you have the publishable content, you can either upload your article to the system or place a copywriting order with us. After your articles are written and proofread, they will become available for publishing. Then we move on to finding the necessary platform, making a purchase and confirming it in the shopping cart. That’s all, and now we just have to wait for the report.

What’s the right way to search for websites using filters, and what do I need to know to filtrate properly?

Determining the correct region for your website is the most complicated aspect of our system, especially if it’s a PBN website in English. For that reason, if you need websites in the United States, the first thing you should do is choose the website in English from the corresponding sections without selecting a region, and then check the search results. In case the results show a lot of sites, you would have to narrow down the search by implementing additional parameters. For instance, indicate the necessary region in the United States and DR more than 30, and then recheck the results. If the situation persists, and the search results show plenty of websites, you should limit the search parameters even more, for example, by setting DR over 30, the price from $50, and dofollow. Keep narrowing the search until it shows only about 20 websites, and only then you can perform the manual checkup of each website to arrive at a definitive decision.

What kind of content can be posted on the websites?

We have several types of content: articles, news articles, blog posts, press releases, casino, and politics. Each type demands the specific presentation of information. An article is a type of content that’s presented in an informative style, for example, “How to wash the windshield”; news requires the news style which describes a given event that happened at a given place. A press release should comply with the advertising format: specify the reasons why our company is better than the others, the products it developed, and the events associated with the company. Casino and gambling is the category of content that includes advertising and promotion of games of fortune and chance. Political content is dedicated to politics and politicians.

Besides, you can order content writing services; we guarantee that the produced content will be published on a platform. Just let us know the name of the platform on which you’d like the content to be posted, and we will arrange for suitable content that fits the requirements of this platform. The piece of content must be at least 1800 characters without spaces.

No websites that match your requirements?

In case we don’t have a website that complies with your requirements in the system, please contact us, and we will think of ways to satisfy your business needs.

Pricing for content placement

We aren’t a marketplace, in the traditional sense, and we don’t have any platform owners, which is the reason why we can’t always keep up with the current pricing for our entire assortment. In 90% of cases, we place the content at the offered price. In 10% of cases, the cost can fluctuate in each direction. Every piece of content is placed manually by our manager, and we also carry out negotiations with the platforms. Sometimes we manage to eliminate 1 or 2 intermediaries from the placement chain, thus decreasing the price significantly. For example, we saved $150 on just one placement for a customer who had made an order on an expensive website.

Placement guarantee

For our part, we offer the 7-days money-back guarantee that you can exercise after the placement of your article. However, we are prepared to safeguard your interest during any disputes with the platforms over the course of a year since the publishing date.

Depositing to the account

All available methods that allow making deposits to your account are listed on the corresponding page dedicated to the account replenishment. If you can’t find the most palatable payment method on our list, please contact us, and we will try and find the solution.