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What could be more effective for your website than top quality guest posts?

The process of building the quality mass of external links to the website for the purpose of search promotion

Content marketing

The process of creating and/or disseminating information that is valuable to consumers

Concealed marketing

The formation of a positive image of a brand, commodity, service or company in general aimed at the target audience


Easy-to-use online content distribution platform

Content is a key element underlying any project on the Internet and involving articles, news, media releases, interviews, discussions, reviews, and analytics. All these things are of a great interest for users.

Creating high quality content is an effective way to attract new potential customers to your site and retain an audience. Distribution of relevant articles, reviews, tips increases inbound traffic and pagerank. You cover a tiny portion of the target audience by posting content on your resource alone.

PRposting.com expands by far these boundaries: you will be able to post informational and promotional materials on the most visited platforms. Use professional guestposting and outreach service to create backlinks from trusted sources and make the site worth to be heard.

Why you should cooperate with us

Choosing a company that would heed your needs could be an intricate task.
Allow us to convince you that we differ from the competitors, and that you can fully rely on us.

Manual placement

All articles are placed manually within the system. No automation.

100% guarantee

A complete guarantee of placement or get your money back within 7 days.

Single payment

The content is placed for the entire duration of platform operation after you make a one-time payment.

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Content ordering

We offer content writing services provided by our copywriters at your request.

23.25K websites

We offer placement on more than 23250 websites.


A significant increase in visibility and positioning improvement within all search engines.

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Performance in Numbers

We are proud of what we are doing, and we would like to share our results with the rest of the world.








unique articles

PRposting.com assists in:

Build connections with consumers, the general public, and partners. Earn your customer loyalty online.
Our platform houses lots of diverse and multifaceted websites. Check out the list of publishing placements.
Many top sites place sponsored content to related topics. PRPosting outreach specialists verified websites for getting external resources where you can publish materials.
Pick up the most appropriate ones and post news, announcements, press releases, analytics, and advertising. Develop your brand, bring in investors, and solve any other PR challenges.
Buzz marketing
Create a positive image and get favorable testimonials by smartly promoting your products and services.
The platform assists in distributing the necessary content with hidden and/or native advertising. Influence your target audience by carefully developing loyalty to your brand and company, improve communication, and generate demand.
Buzz marketing
Guest Posting
Grow website traffic and increase brand awareness and credibility of your business. Any firm, agency or e-commerce company wants to grow organic traffic. But without a strong linkbuilding strategy natural rank growth could be difficult.
Our database is staffed with experienced authors, so our consultants sort out content-making orders in relevance to your business niche or industry.
We write unique articles using citations, docs, blogger`s review or information from authority. Guest post includes your page URL in context of useful information. Outsource content making to professionals.
Use our platform to post exciting and helpful articles with a reference to your website (blog), product, or service, and get high-quality backlinks. Get readers to trust you and derive maximum benefits.
Guest Posting
PBN Link Building
Increase traffic, get to the top of search results, and gain new visitors.
The platform consists of numerous blogs to distribute high-quality articles with links to your site. Only reliable and credible projects are suited to be posted, many of which featuring an HTTPS-certificate. A correctly selected domain is a guarantee of the successful functioning of the PNB link building. All resources are not WEB2.0 and are kept on separate domains. Backlinks from trust sites increase the authority of your resource and rank position.
Link Building
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How does it work?

Add content Prepare materials to be published (text). Add a completed article or order custom writing services to get a unique one.
Pick up a publishing platform (website) Choose any number of resources. Keep in mind the subject and requirements of each website to improve the chances of getting published.
Save in a basket Add the order to the basket. You can make adjustments (add new items or cancel the unnecessary ones) before payment is made.
Top up your balance Completed materials are published, subject to the availability of funds in your personal account. Deposit the amount specified in the basket to pay for the application. Several payment options are available.
Make an order Check and confirm your order. Make sure that the appropriate articles and websites are selected. You`ll get a total cost of order. Upon confirmation, the specified amount is blocked in your account.
Receive a report You will receive a reply to each request shortly. If the materials are published, payment is processed. If, for some reason, the article is not accepted on the selected resource, the money will go back to your account.

Why PRposting.com suits you best?

No automation tools
Any content distribution (from custom writing services to platform selection and direct placement on the agreed resources) is performed manually. No matter how good the tools are, a real person takes into account the contextual features of posting.
Acquiring our services you secure from black hat tactics, further alerts and penalties. We build relevant linking from one content to another(white hat). PRposting provides set of tools for Internet promotion to distribute content wisely and efficiently.
The largest database
The largest database of websites accessible from one place. We are the only market player offering content replacement on over23250 websites.
Our database contains up-to-date SEO metrics from ahrefs, majestic, moz and similar web, so you can sort the data depending on the tasks.
The more publication places, the faster you will see changes in your metrics. The incorporation of a resource in the common database is carried out after negotiating with the owner directly.
Do not waste time on long searches for sites, publisher`s contacts, reaching agreements or checking seo metrics.
We have already collected everything in our database.
100% financial security
You are paying for the results. Each customer is guaranteed a 100% refund within 7 days after placement if the materials are not published or something is wrong with the order. Buy the required number of placements and pay after post releasing.
The most advantageous offer
The platform is very reasonably priced. Customers are welcome to get the maximum benefits within their budget. The more posts, the better results!
High efficiency in multiple tasks
Suitable for different goals, whether it's search engine optimization, advertising, content making, SERM or pr. We provide pro services that accomplish any requirements. Let Google find more links about your company.
Be on spot
Distribution content on a defined region is easy within our platform. The US, UK, European Union and over 170 countries are available for posting. Find the target audience on a local level. Follow marketing strategy and stand out from competitors.
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“Here are the things I liked the most: Vast choice of platforms that is constantly increasing; Around 20% of platforms are not featured on popular link exchanges; If the platform is an unconcealed PBN without any traffic, it will cost peanuts; Bulk discount.; Non-stop improvement of functional capabilities and the options for profile editing; They pay heed to advertisers’ needs.”

January 19, 2019

Andrew A. Solntsev

Owner in onemanseo.pro

“Nice service. A large number of donors for various regions.
If you search and sort them properly, you may find good donors with reasonable prices.”

February 15, 2019

Nesvitskyi Ruslan


“We use PRposting as an additional source of links. We appreciate the fact that we can post different topics. Moreover, there are various locations. Customer support service is excellent as well.”

February 12, 2019

Yuriy Katsarskiy

Head of Seo in aweb.ua

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