xTiles: An All-in-one Tool for SEO Specialists

If the world changes by the hour, digital marketing and SEO change even more rapidly. SEO Specialists, apart from keeping up with all the trends, approaches, and regulations that emerge daily, need to have a reliable tool at their disposal to manage all of these and apply them effectively in their projects. xTiles is a platform with a suite of powerful features designed to enhance their efficiency, effectiveness, and impact.

xTiles: An All-in-one Tool for SEO Specialists

What is xTiles?

xTiles is a comprehensive planning platform that can simplify and streamline all the processes of website promotion. By offering a myriad of functionalities, it has the potential to become an indispensable tool for SEO Specialists looking to boost their strategies. It supports projects through all stages of development – from planning and mapping out the first steps to creating and analyzing the final product and keeping it up-to-date.

xTiles is being developed by Ukrainians as an answer to the ever-growing demand for self and professional organization, whether it’s a simple grocery list, managing work of big teams, or building a Second Brain. The product can serve multiple purposes due to its flexibility, user-friendliness, modern design, and wide (and still growing) functionality.

It can help those who take care of many projects at the same time and those who work on a massive project that requires all their attention, devotion, and skills. Also, it offers a user-friendly space for accumulating all the data and resources an SEO Specialist needs in their work, creating their own knowledge base regarding the current project, and developing new strategies.

xTiles is suitable for personal and corporate use. Also, users can freely and easily combine their personal and professional projects without the risk of mixing up or losing information. You can share certain projects with your colleagues or anyone on the Internet, and the ability to see in real-time who’s working with you on the same project and comments and reactions can streamline the process.

An intuitive user-friendly interface allows users to jump into work without lengthy introductions. The ability to create pages (that consist of tiles and blocks) and sub-pages within one document allows users to dive as deep into their projects as needed and create powerful connections between all elements of their projects, and store all the needed data in one place without chaos.

xTiles is available for Windows, Android, and iOS and can be used on mobile devices, ensuring you have access to your projects anytime you need and when on the go. Additionally, you won’t experience any trouble when switching your devices.

How Can SEO Specialists Benefit from xTiles?

xTiles is an all-in-one solution for planning and organizing work in teams and for personal purposes. It helps maintain a sustainable schedule and stay on top of all your deadlines. Integration with Google Calendar will seamlessly merge your work meetings with the rest of your tasks and commitments.

Ready-to-use editable templates will assist you with many tasks. For example, here are the most popular xTiles templates and how they can come in handy for SEO Specialists:

Kanban Board:

A Kanban Board is perfect for managing both your professional and personal tasks. In a professional context, you can use it to visually manage tasks and workflows within a project. Assign tasks to team members, set priorities, and track progress from “To-Do” to “In Progress” to “Done” columns. Assignees will have all their tasks conveniently gathered in one place, even if these tasks belong to different projects or workspaces. If you intend to use a Kanban Board for personal task organization, it can help you manage your daily or weekly tasks and move them through columns to track their status.

Second Brain:

You can create a digital repository for storing and organizing valuable information, articles, notes, and ideas. Additionally, it can become a powerful tool for research, learning, and quick access to important information.

Weekly Planner:

With a Weekly Planner Template, you can plan your week ahead by scheduling appointments, setting goals, and allocating time for important tasks. It will also help you identify and prioritize tasks to ensure productivity and goal achievement.

SWOT Analysis:

xTiles Templates like SWOT Analysis can greatly assist in strategic planning and developing the best strategies for promoting your projects. You can analyze a business, project, or personal situation by assessing its Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. The data and insights you obtain will help you make informed decisions based on a comprehensive evaluation of various factors.

ADHD Planner:

Being an SEO Specialist and working on multiple projects at the same time is, in some way, similar to having ADHD – you can’t concentrate on something for a long time, yet you still need to keep everything sorted and working. It might seem impossible for someone who naturally can’t focus on working on many different projects simultaneously. However, a reliable ADHD Planner can reduce the amount of stress you’re under. It will help you break down tasks into smaller, manageable steps to reduce overwhelm, allocate specific time blocks for tasks and activities to improve focus and organization, and set clear goals and objectives, and use the planner to track progress.

How Can SEO Specialists Benefit from xTiles in Terms of SEO?

Except for its standard functionality, xTiles can be used for specific tasks only SEO Specialists encounter:

Competitor Analysis:

SEO Specialists can stay ahead of the game by dissecting their competitors’ strategies. xTiles helps analyze competitor websites, uncover their strengths and weaknesses, and devise strategies to outperform them. The xTiles project structure allows you to easily compare key points of your competitors, and a wide range of customization options enables you to present this data to your managers, team members, or stakeholders in an easy-to-understand way.

Technical Task Creation:

xTiles is perfectly suited for creating comprehensive technical tasks for copywriters, designers, software developers, social media managers, and more, as it allows the addition of textual and visual content as well as code. The ability to embed different types of content enables you to present your team with all the necessary information so that they can start working on their part of the project. Additionally, xTiles can be used as a platform for creating, not just planning. For example, copywriters can work on textual content directly alongside technical tasks, and the block and tile structure will help them better visualize their text and how it can look on the website, whereas standard Google Docs provide fewer of these options.


Presenting your future employer with your past success is an important part of letting them know that you can handle the task at hand. However, how you do it is equally important. While lengthy CVs with numerous pages may not be attractive, causing people to merely scroll through them, xTiles’ structure, which permits a more in-depth approach, is perfectly suited for crafting a portfolio that doesn’t resemble an epic novel. It still manages to present all the necessary information in a beautifully structured manner, highlighting and emphasizing key details where needed.

Custom Reports:

With xTiles, you can impress clients or stakeholders with detailed and customizable reports. xTiles makes it easy to create professional reports that showcase your SEO efforts and results.

Gathering and Sharing Information:

The information SEO Specialists gather at the initial stages of their work serves as a reliable springboard for the rest of the team to start. xTiles offers a workspace where you can have everything stored in one place in an organized and structured way to avoid chaos. You have the option to share specific projects with your colleagues or anyone on the Internet. The real-time visibility of who is collaborating on the project with you, along with the ability to leave comments and reactions, can significantly streamline work.

Additionally, the xTiles Web Clipper will help you seamlessly save the needed data and resources when researching or surfing the web.

Planning Websites Promotion:

xTiles can assist you with website promotion planning, starting with creating a new project within your xTiles account, where you can define your website promotion goals. You can leverage xTiles for critical tasks like keyword research and SEO strategy development, allowing you to identify target keywords, optimize on-page content, and plan for link-building efforts. A content calendar will help you outline blog posts, articles, videos, or other content pieces that support your website promotion goals. You can assign publication dates and responsibilities to team members within the platform. Also, xTiles is suitable for planning your backlinks strategy by identifying outreach targets, tracking communication, and monitoring progress in acquiring valuable backlinks.

Nikolaenko Maksim
SEO Specialist

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