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Business success depends on both a good idea and the ability to analyze the current situation and make timely management decisions. In SEO, it means constantly monitoring your website's rank in search results. A keyword rank checker is an ideal tool for this task. In this post, we are going to tell you how to use it and how to interpret its data.

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What Is a Keyword Rank Checker?

SEO rank checking tools determine the position of your website in search results. It monitors for a specific keyword or a set of key phrases. This tool will help you to assess your chance of success in a particular market niche and compare your business with your competitors.

Keyword Position, and Why Is It Important?

In SEO, as in showbiz, you need to shine out. The first three sites in the SERPs can be compared to A-list Hollywood actors. They get jobs that bring them money and glory. The links that are below the first three results can be compared to TV show stars. TV audiences also know who they are but they have to put in more effort. Representatives of the second page of search results and beyond are just candidates for the role who have a hard time attracting the producer`s attention.

To provide a scientific basis for this comparison, let’s look at the study results conducted by Backlink in 2020-2022:

  • The first link on the search results page collects 27.6% of all clicks, the second and third – about 13.5% each.
  • Only 3-5% of users open the second page of Google search results.
  • The click-through rate (CTR) of the first result is over 27%, the second – 15.8%, the third – 11.0%, and starting from the fifth – less than 5%.
  • The typical CTR of the second page and beyond is below 1%.
  • Starting from the fifth page of search results, the share of views and the CTR level do not exceed 0.1%.

Google organic CTR breakdown by position

Therefore, the keywords rank checker indicates your ranking among the recognized talents, new stars, or ambitious candidates. Each of them will have a unique development strategy. Hence, planning strategy is the main reason to use such an app.

Factors That Influence Keywords

One of the questions that arise when using the SEO rank checker tool is what words should you use to conduct the research. To find the right answer, you will need to consider the following indicators:

  • A number of search queries – how often people are interested in this topic. We should note that you don’t have to use the most popular keywords because they are usually severely competed for. Sometimes, it is better to find a narrow segment with a weak business presence.
  • The level of competition – the number of websites competing for leadership in this market niche. The fewer, the better for you. However, a minimal number of competitors may indicate current or future changes in trends. Hence, you will need to conduct extensive research in any case.

How to Accurately Determine Keyword Competition in SEO?

  • User intent – what exactly is the user looking for? Brand info, a specific product, an answer to a question, or a product comparison? It’s important to optimize your website not just for keywords but for the intent behind them. It will improve the user experience and positively affect your rankings in the long run.
  • The keyword length – the number of words. You should understand whether short or long phrases attract the consumers’ attention in this market niche. As a rule, short phrases contain a general info request, while long phrases may indicate specific user intent.
  • Cost per click – the current cost per impression in contextual advertising. This indicator is also important for checking search rank. It reflects the level of competition in this segment and allows you to assess how far businesses are ready to go in one-upmanship.

How to Use SEO Rank Checking Tools

Large marketing agencies develop their apps. They are available by paid subscription. You can check website rank on Google using Ahrefs, Zutrix, Search Engine Reports, or SERP Stat. They have similar operation principles:

  1. You enter a keyword, phrase, or set of keywords (up to 10 in one query).
  2. Indicate your resource URL. 
  3. Choose a search engine and domain. Usually, it is, but you can choose other systems and their regional divisions to get the most accurate result. 
  4. Click the Search button and wait a few seconds.

SERP rank checker tool — Google SERP rank tracking. Page rank checker

The service can show your website’s rank and such additional useful info as the number of keyword queries and the cost per click in contextual advertising. With a paid subscription, the website rank checker will provide you with such advanced analytics as the SEO complexity rate, estimated organic traffic, PPC budget, etc. 

Moreover, we should mention the free service The HOTH. You should provide it only with your website URL. After entering it, the tool displays the top-ranked keywords of your resource, their monthly dynamics, the traffic volume in this area of optimization, and trends of search queries. If you simply need to know your site rank on the search results page, you can use another free app – Small SEO Tools.  

Google Rank Checker Tool (Check Your SEO Rankings)

How Can I Increase My Website’s Search Rank

Using the website Google rank checker is only the first step. When you get the results, you will need to interpret them correctly and plan a strategy for further development. Let’s figure out how you can improve your search engine ranking to get more organic traffic.

Target Relevant Keywords

You should determine the user’s intent for a start. If you wish to sell your product, you will need transactional keywords. If you need to spread info about your brand, you will need navigation keywords. If you plan to encourage your consumers to compare products, you will need commercial keywords. Finally, if your goal is to answer questions, you should use informational keywords. 

Of course, the topic of the key phrases will be important. Sometimes, it’s not as easy as it seems to find it. Each market niche has its subtopics and related sections. For example, car rental can be short-term or long-term. So, you can encourage customers to rent cars or lease their autos. So, you should fully understand all the features of your commercial offer.

Keyword research is a topic for a separate post. However, we can remind you of the basic principles of this process:

  • Create a reasonable mix of low-, medium-, and high-frequency phrases;
  • Use services to determine the SEO complexity;
  • Monitor trends regularly;
  • Keep track of changes in search engine algorithms.

Create Engaging and Attractive Titles

Ranking on the first page of a search engine is an important condition but not a guarantee of success. Your competitor with a lower rank may have better click-through and conversion rates. To strengthen your position in the Google search rank check, you will need to attract and hold the user’s attention. 

You should write short and attractive titles that contain the keyword and describe the page content. Try to make them bombastic. When it comes to an innovative product or an interesting post, you can use even provocative and viral titles. However, do not cross the clickbait line, and do not fool your audience. It will increase the bounce rate and the risk of getting banned.

Entice Visitors with a Meta Description Tag

We would like to remind you that it is a short description (up to 160 characters with spaces) that appears below the title on the search engine results page. It should describe in more detail the benefits of following the link. It usually indicates what exactly the visitor will receive: brief product characteristics, the main idea of the post, the company’s business line, etc. 

The tips are the same as for writing a title. Be bold and declare yourself to the world but don’t promise more than you can give. From a technical point of view, you should add a keyword to the description and make it unique for each page of the site.

Build Valuable Inbound Links

The rank checker tool can give you a high result only if your site has a wide and well-designed navigation system. It means that each page should appear in several links or at least in one link if it is not of great importance. 

If you ignore this rule, you will get isolated pages – “orphans” or “islands” in professional terminology. The search engine will think that you are trying to hide them from the general public because they need to be finalized or lack important materials. Following this logic, it will not show these sections to users.

Create Valuable Content to Encourage Backlinks

This is exactly what makes white-hat SEO successful. You fill your website with authoritative opinions, proven research results, simple and clear instructions, and other similar materials. After reading them, other people can share this content with friends, acquaintances, clients, and business partners. As a result, your website will gain value both in the eyes of visitors and search engine algorithms. 

A search rank checker is more likely to give a high score to the citation source than to the resource that borrows its content. Consequently, you should use all the means at your disposal, from engaging experts to buying places for guest posts and blog articles.

Improve Page Speed

This is a key factor in SEO mechanics. Statistics show that users never wait if a website takes longer than five seconds to load. About a quarter of visitors agree to wait only three seconds. 

The slow loading speed can be caused by awkward scripts, technical errors, or hosting problems. If you can deal with the first two reasons on your own, then in the latter case, only migration to another server will help.

Make Sure Website Navigation Is Clean and Intuitive

A two- or three-tier structure is considered the norm for simple resources like blogs. It means that users can go to the page they need in one or two clicks. Such resources always show high results in SEO rank checker tools.

10 examples of great website navigation and why they're awesome - Part 1

Of course, online stores and catalogs can have a more complex structure. However, they should still provide quick and easy access to all content. The user’s next action should be obvious to them – they mustn’t waste time searching for buttons and links.

Focus On the User Experience

Long gone are the days when SEO was a purely technical process. Today, search algorithms are based on AI that mimics the way users think. Hence, to get the top ranking, you will need not just a perfectly working site with a well-thought-out set of keywords but also a user-friendly design.

For example, Google takes into account many indicators of visitor behavior, such as bounce rate, average time on page, click-through rate, etc. If you want to get a high ranking in the SEO keywords rank checker, you will need to make sure that users can quickly find the content they need and have no problems with the interface.

Checking Your Search Results Ranking Is an Important Tool for Beginners and Professionals

Information is the best weapon in any competition. Knowing your current ranking, you can adjust your business development plan and create a new marketing strategy. Therefore, the online rank checker should always be in your bookmarks. It will help you to identify weak and strong points of optimization, find promising market niches, and assess your website`s compliance with current trends.


What Is a Keyword Rank Checker?

It is an online app that shows your website ranking in search results for a particular query.

How to Use SEO Rank Checking Tools?

You should enter keywords, indicate your website URL, choose a search engine or regional domain, and click the Check button.

How Can I Increase My Website’s Keyword Position?

You should select the most relevant keywords, create attractive Title and Description tags, build a network of outbound and inbound links, optimize the site`s technical basis, and improve UX.

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