4000+ List of Free Guest Posting Sites to Submit Guest Posts

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Guest posting is one of the most popular link-building methods. It implies posting materials on sites with a relevant audience. Together with a backlink, the resource under promotion may acquire the target audience who will be interested in products or services. 

4000+ List of Free Guest Posting Sites to Submit Guest Posts

Guest articles are quite a popular method of getting links to your site. The idea is to publish your material on sites with a relevant audience. If you get a backlink along with your post, it can help attract a new target audience. To save money on sponsored articles, many site owners use free guest posting. And while some sites only offer paid content, there are plenty of sites where you can post your content for free.

Even if they are posted for money, search engines still treat them well, especially if the link has “sponsored” and “nofollow” attributes. This allows you to avoid penalties from search engines for unscrupulous optimization and the risk of “spam” links.

What is free guest article posting? What are the features and pitfalls?

Many databases of sites on the Internet offer free guest article posting. However, such databases are often outdated and require regular updates, as hosting conditions can change daily. Therefore, it is important to check the functionality of the sites and update your list of donors. If done right, guest articles can help you attract new readers and customers to your site. In this way, you improve the position of your site in search engines.

The main benefits of free guest posts

  • They don’t require any financial cost to host them, so it can be beneficial for webmasters on a tight budget.
  • It helps to increase the number of links to your site and improve its promotion in search engines.
  • If you publish on other sites, it allows you to attract a new audience and expand your circle of readers.
  • Guest posting on reputable sites can help increase your credibility in the industry and build trust in your brand.
  • You can collaborate with experts in your industry, which can be beneficial to your business growth.

What are the main cons and risks of free guest posts?

However, you should be careful and patient when searching for a donor site. The fact is that many other webmasters are also trying to get their posts on the same sites. This means that competition can be intense, especially for more popular resources.

At the same time, if the donor site has a low reputation, it will also affect your ratings and may bring certain risks to the brand. For example, if a site contains fraudulent attempts or inaccurate information, this will also reflect on your reputation. If you place posts and backlinks mindlessly and anywhere, you will get unnatural links to your site, and search engines will not like it. You risk falling under the filters, and getting out of such sanctions is quite difficult and long.

Also, be prepared that not all your posts will be accepted and approved by the donor site. You will have to study the rules of each of the partners in advance so that the article meets the requirements and rules.

The path you will have to go through to negotiate partnerships with other sites

Creating and placing a free guest post on an authoritative resource takes place in several stages.

Set the goal

The first step to successful guest posting is setting goals. The site owner needs to define the goals that will be achieved by guest posting. This can be traffic from other resources or the growth of a loyal audience. The goal must be measurable, not abstract.

To track the amount of traffic from your guest blog post, you can view the reports in Google Analytics. However, each project has its own key performance indicators, so it’s important to define them in advance before choosing sites to publish your content. If your goal is to attract potential customers, then it is significant to track from which sources they come.

Finding partners (donors) and establishing agreements

We will tell you how to look for donors in this article. And here, you will find the most complete list of links to sites that can become your partners. However, be aware of each site’s editorial policy. Only those materials that meet the requirements are accepted for publication. At the same time, the requirements of different websites may be different. Most often, they emphasize the need to create high-quality expert publications that do not look like frank advertising.

Searching for interesting headlines

The title of the article should be interesting and attractive so that site users want to read it. It’s significant to avoid using clickbait, but you can add captivating statistics or some facts to the headline. Provided that many articles appear on the site every day, users pay attention to the titles. They skip boring or typical names they are tired of. It must be something that either brings benefit or stimulates curiosity.

An exciting headline can include a short quote, statistics, or other figures, as well as a brief explanation of why the article is fascinating. If the body paragraph appears alongside the headline in the feed, it should also be fascinating and attractive. Remember that a quality title is key to the successful placement of an article on the site.

For a guest post to attract targeted traffic to a promoted site, it must be of high quality and unlike other materials. Such content can overtake other materials in the rating and receive the Editor’s Choice mark. If the article is posted by the editor, it is necessary to contact them in advance and discuss the topic.

Choose an expert author

To prepare the content, it is better to contact an author who understands the topic. If a company is talking about email marketing automation, expert commentary and relevant media content will be needed. 

Free guest posts shouldn’t look like overt advertising. They are hosted for free, so any post that representatives don’t like can be removed. If the partner site has pre-moderation, editors can make changes to your post or add comments to it. It is important to respond to these comments promptly and make the necessary corrections.

How to prepare for placing free ad posts?

Checking the quality of the site for posting a free guest post, there is a key step. To assess the quality of the site, you can use specialized SEO tools and services.

  • Check how often the site is visited, find its ranking on Alexa.com, the number of backlinks to it, and other factors that indicate the authority of the site.
  • Make sure that the theme of the site matches the theme of your content. Posting content on unrelated sites can reduce its quality and value to your target audience.
  • Research the popularity and update frequency of other content already published on the site you want to partner with.
  • Learn about your site’s audience, who typically browses and interacts with it. Your content must be aimed at your target audience and not just at the general mass of people.
  • Check site policy for posting guest posts. Some sites may prohibit the posting of ads or require paid publication.
  • Make sure the site has adequate security measures in place, such as SSL encryption and anti-hacking, to protect you and your content from potential threats.

An equally critical point is the study of SEO indicators, in particular, how the selected platform is ranked in search engines. This can be done both manually and with the help of specialized programs.

How to make sure in advance that you will get the desired effect?

For a free guest article to be effective, you need to pay attention to the relevance of the donor site and the quality of the content. Site owners who accept guest bloggers are interested in attractive and high-quality content, not the number of posts. If the article contains enough interesting content and is relevant to the topic of the site, then backlinks can bring benefits in the form of links and targeted traffic.

Also, it is important to pay attention to the relevance of the site on which the guest article will be posted. Using dofollow links can cause issues with search engines. Better to use relevant link attributes.

Sites that accept guest posts on any topic should be checked several times. Such resources may not have a permanent audience, and the effectiveness of posting articles on them will be minimal. Therefore, it is worth choosing only relevant sites that have a suitable audience and quality content.

How to find free guest posting sites?

The following approaches can be used to find good free guest posting sites:

  • Browse lists of sites that allow guest posting. For example, you are now on a page where we have collected for you the most complete list of relevant resources for any country, in particular, Canada.
  • Look for pages where you can post your content manually. Just type in Google the query “guest post.”

  • Use specialized services such as Guest Post Tracker or Blogger LinkUp that contain a database of sites that accept guest posts.
  • Join forums and groups on social networks dedicated to your topic. There, you can find information about the possibility of posting guest posts on the sites of other members of the group.
  • Analyze competitor profiles. Look at where they post their content and try to reach out to the same resources with an offer to guest post on your behalf.

This search can be a little tricky, but it’s worth taking the time to find as many guest posting opportunities as possible. You may also find it helpful to talk to colleagues about referrals, as they may also know of quality resources. If you don’t have such colleagues, join groups and forums on social networks dedicated to your topic and ask about the possibility of posting guest posts there.

But whatever options you find, be careful. Always check the reputation and quality of the site and choose only high-quality and authoritative resources. Other options are not suitable for you because they are not able to bring you benefits in the development of your project.

PRPosting is another great way to find partner sites

In addition to finding partners willing to post your article with a link to your site on their pages, you can also use the services of the PRPosting exchange. By the way, it can be the easiest and most successful way to find donors, since this marketplace has already done a lot of work instead of the webmaster:

  • it has selected a list of reliable resources;
  • it has organized space for site owners to contact each other;
  • it has simplified the link-building process as much as possible, allowing webmasters to fully focus on their main tasks.

All these things significantly reduce the time and increase the effectiveness of the SEO optimization process.

However, it is worth remembering that publishing on those sites that the PRPosting exchange selects for you is paid. The price depends on specific factors, such as the quality of the donor site, its popularity in search engines, the absence of numerous other outgoing links, etc.

To use the services of the RPosting exchange, you need to register on the platform. Then add your website, and after that, you can go directly to the search for partner sites ready to publish your materials with links to the desired pages. Despite the fact that this is a paid option, it is quite a convenient, effective, and fast way of link building, which is not prohibited by search engines. So, you can use this tool along with the free options.So, maybe, it’s better to use paid options for posting with backlinks?

Everything will be fine if you first find quality resources, analyze them, and make sure that these resources will not harm you in any way. And in fact, it is an effective tool for website advertising and promotion. Everyone uses this. Paid posts can also be posted, but don’t just focus on them. It is quite expensive.

The cost of paid posts depends on various factors, such as the popularity of the site, the size of the audience, and the topic of the article.

So, before using paid posts, you should consider your budget and the goal of your advertising campaign. If you have enough funds and want to ensure the maximum reach of your target audience, paid posts can be a useful tool. However, if you’re on a tight budget, it might be worth trying to find free options for guest posting.

The best solution may be a combination of free and paid advertising options. In this way, you can attract more audience, increase your visibility, and ensure the success of your advertising campaign.

Determining the ratio of paid to free posts depends on various factors, such as budget, target audience, content placement volumes, and others. It can be said that the optimal scheme is to focus on finding free opportunities and then consider the budget for paid posts as an additional tool to increase your influence on the Internet.

Placing a link to your site anywhere is not practical. Here is the reason

The main goal of this SEO activity is to get a good link profile and rank well in search engines. But it’s also a great marketing tool, but it only works if you use it correctly. Universal partner sites can post links to any topic. But the problem is that you have fewer chances of getting customers from such links.

So, you need not just look for affiliate sites to post links but do it with the thought of whether you will get an interested audience from there and whether you can increase traffic to the site and sales. With this approach, your work will be twice as effective, and the results will definitely satisfy you.

We collected a list of possible options and divided them into categories, so you can find quality resources for building links in 2 minutes. This is the same step to double the profits. So use this selection instead of wasting time and effort on those links that will not give you the desired result.

The first category: find sites that correspond to your type of activity

  • If you’re a podcaster, you’ll benefit from posting your links on niche blog sites and audio content discovery platforms like Spotify, iTunes, Soundcloud, etc.
  • Suppose you require backlinks from ppt submission sites. In that case, consider placing your links on sites offering presentation creation and editing services and platforms providing free hosting of your content in exchange for backlinks.
  • If you own an online store, placing backlinks on product and service review sites, consumer forums, and thematic blogs can effectively promote your business.
  • Suppose you are involved in shooting, editing, and retouching videos. In that case, it will be helpful for you to place your links on the pages of professional forums and communities on social networks that deal with this topic.
  • Businesses presented on the Internet and websites of international companies can place their links on websites with statistics and reviews about global companies and blogs about business and the economy.
  • If you are involved in releasing new software products, applications, games, etc., you can talk about yourself in the form of press releases by placing them on the appropriate platforms. These can be portals about gaming, programming, and new technologies.
  • Photographers, designers, and generally everyone with a relationship with art can post photos, design works, and art on portals for artists and creators, for example, on stocks. Also, it can be helpful to use ping sites.

Choose donor websites that correspond to the region where your business is represented.

You must be found by those looking for relevant information. Talking about your services on a French website when you deliver goods or provide services in Canada is only partially appropriate. Therefore, offer suitable content and correctly choose the region where this or that site works.

We have various sites listing even for different locations here. For example, here you can find one more site list for Malaysia or India

In some cases, a universal list of sites will suit you

For example, you can place a guest post on one or another DO follow resources, on platforms that offer the “Question-Answer” format, on platforms with PDF materials and RSS feeds, and on sites with various reviews on exciting topics, products, etc. You may also find universal platforms useful, such as:

Pay attention to the formation of a high-quality link profile because this dramatically affects the promotion of the site, its visibility in search engines, and its popularity among users.

Peculiarities of finding resources for link building for a local business (using Canada as an example)

To improve your business’s digital presence in your local market, it’s important to list your business on local business listing sites. If you are planning to do business in Canada, this list of Canadian business listing sites will help you increase your ranking in the local market.

Business success depends on many factors, including promotion in search engines. For this, various methods are used, for example, submitting articles, placing links on other sites, creating a profile, social bookmarking, and submitting to directories. There are dedicated SEO blogs where you can find quality backlink-building resources.

Choosing the most effective SEO techniques is important, and local business information can be an important part of a successful strategy. Building a business listing will help your business rank higher in local searches and help you succeed in your local market.

Benefits of registration in local directories

Many business owners in Canada are looking for the best strategy to improve their business, and for that, they have to work on various factors. Free help from Canadian local businesses on their websites can be helpful for interested individuals to get promotional benefits.

Some people don’t believe in Canadian business directory listings, but they have many advantages. There are many new local business listing sites in Canada, and below are some of the reasons that will help you understand why working with such sites is good for improving your business.

Large audience

In the online world, many people try to drive as much traffic as possible to their websites. This can be achieved through promotions. If the website owner does not get enough traffic, it can become a serious problem that makes it difficult to achieve the goal and work of the site. Users can find many benefits in the 2019 list of local businesses in Canada, including the ability to attract a large audience to their business with the high traffic that such sources provide.

Free platforms

Promotions often require a significant outlay of money from interested parties. However, some sources, such as business listings, provide completely free services. To find the best option for your business, it is important to define your requirements and find the right source.

List of Free Local Business Sites Canada is one such source that does not require any cost from interested parties. When registering a business on this source, you need to provide the necessary information, but the cost of this process is zero. Other sources may charge a fee but still provide free services, although their capabilities may be limited.

Improve your rankings

It is essential to have a high ranking in the search engine, which can be improved by working on the factors that affect it. By registering on local business listing sites, you can improve your search engine rankings and ensure better site traffic. To get complete information about local businesses, a list of free local business sites in Canada that you can register on and increase your business ranking in the search engine will help.

Does the information in local directories improve company search on Google Maps?

A local business listing is an online listing that contains all the details about a business, such as name, address, and contact details. Listing your business on local business listings can help it reach the top of the Google Map search engine.

In this way, using a Canadian business directory can help your business rank higher on Google Maps. Positive results in Google My Business will not make you wait too long. However, please note that it is important to use the same legal address on business listing sites as your business page on Google.

It is also crucial to provide the correct information when adding your business to the directory. This is an effective technique that can be used to improve the position of your business on Google Maps for local searches.

Is it possible to get a dofollow backlink from business directories?

When you register a local business in a directory, it does not guarantee that you will get a dofollow backlink. This is extremely rare. Most business listing sites offer Nofollow links. Sites use the full URL as a link, so you can’t add anchor text around it, either. But the main purpose of a business listing is to improve your business’s Google Local Map ranking, not to get backlinks. Therefore, when presenting your business on the list of companies, it is necessary to focus on providing correct and complete information about the company rather than on receiving backlinks.

The most complete list of sites for posting guest posts

Here’s a comprehensive selection of versatile guest posting resources. In addition to the link to the site that you can ask about posting, you will also see here the type of link that can be used in the post.  Also, we indicate the approximate industry, that is, the main topics that the resource is devoted to.

  1. forbes.com nofollow Business
  2. theguardian.com dofollow News
  3. techcrunch.com dofollow Business, IT
  4. investing.com dofollow Business
  5. fastcompany.com dofollow Business
  6. entrepreneur.com dofollow Business
  7. developmentintelligence.com dofollow IT
  8. blog.giganticlist.com dofollow Business
  9. smallbusiness.co.uk dofollow Business
  10. invoicebus.com dofollow Business

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Regional sites in Canada with instant verification

On these sites, posts with links are accepted instantly, and you will not have to wait long for the result.

  1. http://ca.misterwhat.com/
  2. http://ismailibiz.com/
  3. http://www.cylex.ca/
  4. http://thecanadiandirectory.ca/
  5. http://foundlocally.com/
  6. http://mydotca.ca/
  7. http://www.fyple.ca/
  8. http://www.canadaone.com/
  9. http://www.canpages.ca/
  10. https://www.canadaone.com/

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Canada business directories you may need to get free links

If you want to advertise your local business in Canada, using the best and most free business directories can be helpful. Location-based apps allow potential customers to find your business and increase your online visibility. This can make your niche more competitive. 

Using free business listings can help improve your local business’s online reputation through local search results. However, it is important to find the list of companies that best suit your needs. 

Yelp Canada

Yelp Canada is the 139th most visited website in Canada, with users spending more than $100 on their first visit to a business. This site is popular in the US as a review and recommendation site, as well as in Canada. One of its features is the ability to communicate with sellers and buyers through this site, add photos, videos, and other critical information about the business, and track user activity on the company page.

Bing Places

If you add your business to Bing Places, it will automatically appear on a Google map. This is beneficial because it will make your business more visible to potential customers using Bing.

FourSquare Canada

It is a geo-targeting mobile app that allows users to register at various locations and provide recommendations for other users. Also, you can share registrations on other social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. It can provide a potential customer base and help build an effective brand.

Yellow Pages

Yellow Pages are the largest business directory in Canada. They have online and print versions of their catalog, allowing companies to be more accessible to potential customers.

Yellow Pages also offer the opportunity to advertise on their website and other platforms. In addition, they offer SEO services to help companies appear on the first pages of search engines when customers search for their services or products.

By registering on the Yellow Pages, companies receive a free basic profile with the option to specify contact information and a description of services. However, to increase the popularity of a business, advertising can be an effective tool.


Kijiji is a popular online classifieds website in Canada. It is an excellent website for Canadian businesses to advertise their products and services and reach potential customers locally. It allows users to post ads for free, which is a great opportunity for local Canadian businesses to create a positive impression of their business and attract quality traffic. 


411.ca provides advertising services for businesses that can attract more customers and increase sales. The site has many useful features such as company reviews, photos, videos, and additional details about products and services to help users make better choices. The site is very popular among Canadian residents and provides convenient and quick access to the necessary information. Here, free access to a wide range of services is implemented, such as search by address, phone number, name, etc.

Profile Canada

It is an online directory of companies in Canada that allows users to search for information about companies by various categories and keywords. The site also provides an opportunity for companies to post their profiles, which contain detailed information about their services and contact information. In addition, the site has the option to view user reviews of companies, which can help in deciding on choosing services. Using the profile, companies can also post reviews and answer user questions.

TOP-200 Approved Business Listing sites, Canada

  1. http://company.fm/
  2. http://www.cdnpages.ca/
  3. https://www.opendi.ca/
  4. https://www.fyple.ca/
  5. https://fonolive.com/
  6. http://www.lacartes.com/
  7. https://websites.ca/signup
  8. http://findhere.ca/
  9. http://smallbizpages.ca/
  10. http://knowem.com/

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Or you can get a complete list of all the sites we have mentioned in this text. It could help you a lot while you try to find the best resources to build a perfect backlink profile.


What is free guest posting?

A link-building method that implies the distribution of content on external sites.

What are the benefits of free guest posting?

The opportunity to get free links, increase your active audience, boost your link profile, and have unlimited possibilities for scaling.

How can I find free guest posting sites in my niche?

Find ready-made site lists, analyze competitors’ profiles, and use search operators in Google.

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