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Link Building
Link building is an extremely important part of SEO for a crypto project. It allows for increased website traffic, improves domain authority rating, and makes the project more popular and successful. While it’s not the only way to promote, it’s a crucial step, especially considering the highly competitive environment of crypto projects. A few years ago, terms like smart contracts, cryptocurrencies, tokens, and related concepts seemed fantastical, but today, they no longer surprise anyone.

SEO Link Building for Crypto/Blockchain Websites | Backlinks Crypto Projects

So, let’s delve into the specifics of link building, especially for the crypto business, where pitfalls are hidden and success is within reach.

Guest Posting

Guest posting is a classic way to enhance your backlink profile. It works effectively for almost any project. The main challenge lies in choosing reliable referring partners with a high rating, impeccable reputation, and no history of spam. Seek such partners through various means, both manually and using specialized SEO tools and services that analyze the SEO metrics of the potential partner’s site. The site must not only have a high rating but also align with the theme of your work. For instance, if your site is dedicated to a new cryptocurrency, a suitable partner might be a site focused on finance, cryptocurrency project reviews, earnings, or lifestyle improvement.

Once you’ve reached an agreement with the site’s administration, the next step is preparing a guest publication. A guest post should adhere to certain standards:

  • Uniqueness;
  • Value for the reader;
  • Relevance to both your site and the guest platform’s theme;
  • Containing a link directing visitors to a relevant part of your website.

This way, you gain several advantages: introduce more people to your concepts and benefits, drive additional traffic to your site, and improve your site’s ranking in search results. Meanwhile, brand recognition, reputation, and, consequently, the profitability of your crypto project increase.

Link Insertion

The strategy of using link insertion is less common than guest posting but remains an interesting solution for your crypto project. The essence of the methodology is not to create new content but to ask the administration of a partner site to insert a link into existing and published content.

This solution accelerates the process for you since you don’t have to create new interesting content that fits the guest platform’s requirements. It’s much simpler and faster. Moreover, it has a particular benefit if the content is already indexed and quite popular among the audience of your donor partner. The challenge lies in finding topics and types of publications where your link will look organic. If you find it difficult to come up with an effective solution to integrate such a backlink, offer a link to your site as an additional source of information — easy to place at the end or within existing publications.

Unlinked Brand Mentions

Very often, people are already talking about your project, company, or services; leverage this. The essence is to negotiate with resources where mentions of your brand exist, transforming these mentions into clickable formats.

Finding mentions of your crypto project on other sites is straightforward; use SEMrush or BuzzSumo. These services help locate all existing mentions of your brand, analyzing not just regular websites but even social media pages and providing a comprehensive overview.

The most challenging part is communicating with the owners of pages, sites, and other projects. Be prepared that not all sites will be willing to give your site a dofollow link — this is normal. Even if you can transform 10% of unlinked brand mentions into backlinks, it’s already a significant success.

Creating Infographics

Creating infographics on relevant and popular topics in the cryptocurrency field can be your unique feature, making your project more popular. Infographics are easily shareable content that grabs users’ attention better than any other type of content. Accompany infographics with descriptions, research, your market analysis results, and other useful materials. This will become content that spreads organically, allowing you to gain more backlinks effortlessly. To increase the popularity of such content, you can collaborate with bloggers and media, negotiating to share it on their platforms or social media.

Sharing Press Releases with Media

Press releases help attract more attention to your crypto project, improve brand recognition, and undoubtedly work for you by directing media attention to the aspects that matter most to you. You can also send these press releases directly to portals dedicated to crypto themes, such as CoinDesk or CoinTelegraph. 

Don’t forget to add links to your site when submitting press releases or announcements for publication on third-party resources. This way, you’ll get more traffic, quality backlinks, high engagement from an interested audience, and organic and safe promotion for your platform. 

Remember that press releases are created in an informational, not advertising, format. You don’t need to fit all the advantages and features of your service or product into one publication. Stay objective, adhere to stylistic requirements, provide informational value, and maintain a professional approach. 

This is the foundation on which you can build an effective promotion strategy. Publish announcements and press releases whenever you have something to share with your users. This will help your crypto project stay in the spotlight, remain visible, and enhance your brand reputation, all while increasing the number of organic backlinks to your site.

Getting Listed on Niche-Related Platforms

Don’t overlook any opportunity to become popular. One excellent solution for gaining backlinks is registering on specialized platforms, such as CoinMarketCap or CoinGecko. Join them to get closer to the crypto investor community and everyone interested in the crypto industry. These sources are already trusted by their audience, and a linked mention of you on such resources will benefit you in terms of both backlinks and business promotion. To register on one of these niche sites, prepare accurate and up-to-date information about your project in advance, including a description of its essence, specific technical aspects, and details.

Developing Linkable Assets

Another excellent method to get backlinks that you can easily mix with other strategies is creating linkable assets. Anything valuable you can share with your audience becomes a seamless traffic magnet to your site. The more valuable and useful the material you offer, the more backlinks you can receive. Your valuable assets can include: 

  • online converters; 
  • tools for creating graphs and visualizing trends; 
  • trial versions of main products; 
  • high-quality and useful educational content (and even your research published on your site) among others. 

Promote the existence of this interesting content, tools, or free services you have and share this information with bloggers, influencers, and authoritative platforms. The more attention you attract to your linkable assets, the more backlinks you can get.

Fixing Broken and Lost Links

When improving your backlink profile, it’s crucial to work not only on increasing the number of new links but also monitor the ones you already have to ensure they work correctly. Track backlinks in Google Search Console, paying special attention to identifying broken or lost links. For example, if you notice that a certain number of backlinks are not working, what should you do?

  1. Replace broken links with current and valid ones.
  2. Delete invalid links that no longer meet your needs or are absent on the specified resources.

Another aspect is to not only monitor your backlinks but also search for broken or non-functioning links on competitor sites. If possible, find ways to replace these links with ones leading to your resource. Again, you’ll have to negotiate extensively with the administration of the platforms where they are posted, as it seems that 60% of the link builder’s work consists of constant negotiations with partners.

Engaging in Link Exchanges and Link Roundups

Another effective solution can be participating in link exchanges and link roundups. This is a strategy where you link to one resource, and it, in turn, links to another, forming a circle that ultimately links back to you. These schemes can be implemented through specialized platforms widely used by link builders. Despite appearing complex, this strategy is effective and entirely achievable.

Getting Featured in High-Authority Media Publications

To enhance your SEO profile, you must build an effective content strategy and develop your brand image for active representation in the media. Try to collaborate with various journalists, establish connections with media platforms, be ready to act as an expert, and provide a significant amount of valuable information for free. You will invest some time in building high authority and an impeccable reputation, but soon, it will start working for you. In addition to media mentions and backlinks, you achieve a much more significant result — gaining the loyalty of an interested audience. So, make the effort — it’s worth it.


The key ingredient for success in building a quality SEO profile for your crypto project is focusing on utility, quality, reputation, and forming a loyal community around your project. With these elements in place, any of the aforementioned link-building strategies will work in your favor, and your project will grow and thrive rapidly.

Kyryk Oleksandr
SEO Consultant

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