Link Building for eCommerce Websites

Link Building
Implementing SEO for e-commerce is a crucial component of promoting such businesses, as a substantial portion of online company profits relies on the influx of leads from various Internet channels, such as websites, landing pages, or social media. At the same time, promoting a website that offers products from multiple brands and diverse categories requires a tailored approach to optimization, demanding a unique strategy and additional efforts.

Link Building for eCommerce Websites

Recent research indicates that e-commerce websites achieve a conversion rate of approximately 7% under an ideal scenario. However, optimized pages for individual brands or products can reach an impressive 30% conversion rate. On average, e-commerce sites typically maintain a conversion rate ranging from 2-3%. Consequently, to ensure project profitability with these rates, it becomes essential to generate significantly more traffic compared to a regular website. Acquiring backlinks becomes one of the most effective methods to enhance website ranking in search networks and simultaneously attract more traffic, making it a key aspect of e-commerce SEO processes.

When executed correctly, this strategy allows you to:

  • enhance audience trust in your resource;
  • attract a larger audience who can potentially become customers;
  • improve overall marketing strategy;
  • attain stable and long-lasting results.

Therefore, quality backlinks for your e-commerce project serve as the fuel propelling your business forward, leaving competitors trailing in search engine rankings.

Proven Link-building Strategies for E-commerce: Quality over Quantity

Quality is paramount. While there are gray-hat and black-hat methods to accumulate backlinks rapidly, these strategies not only yield swift results but also lead to significant issues. Hence, when discussing effective link-building strategies for e-commerce, only methods that do not harm are considered.

Guest Posts

Negotiate link exchanges with other resources that share similar themes. For instance, if you’re working on an online paint store, consider exchanging links with websites specializing in home improvement, construction, and interior design and collaborating on artistic projects or volunteering initiatives. This not only generates valuable content but also comes with the bonus of high-quality organic backlinks.

Join HARO (Help a Reporter Out)

HARO serves as a platform where you can position yourself as an expert in a specific field and connect with reporters. Press representatives will reach out to you when they need expert opinions, providing an opportunity for them to link back to your website. This method not only creates a profile of quality backlinks but also enhances trust and reputation.

Creative PR Campaigns as the Key to Success

Creative PR campaigns contribute to immediate marketing effects and garner press and social media coverage, where your project may be mentioned and linked to. This approach ensures sustained visibility and brand recognition.

Analyze Competitors and Surpass Them

Analyzing competitors’ profiles provides insights into the direction you should take to secure top positions in search engine rankings. It unveils opportunities for refining your profile and offers valuable insights on where to explore new sources for obtaining backlinks. Creating and implementing an effective content strategy with the subsequent dissemination of successful publications, reviews, guides, etc. is one of the best ways to get backlinks.

Creating and Implementing an Effective Content Strategy for Quality Backlinks

Quality content, to which other sites willingly link, allows you to organically accumulate a significant number of backlinks. For example, if you have a specific product, you can demonstrate how to use it, provide a review, analyze ratings and reviews, and offer interesting gift ideas. Enrich this content with relevant keywords, make it structured and engaging, and illustrate it with videos, images, charts, and infographics. This will be valuable material both in terms of satisfying consumer queries and obtaining high-quality backlinks.

Best Linkable Assets

  • Widgets, calculators, and other interactive tools that users can interact with for their convenience.
  • Detailed guides and product reviews help users get answers regarding product quality, suitability for their needs, etc. They assist in making informed decisions, serve as your assets, and can be referenced.
  • Articles in your blog, backed by your research, and content based on current, accurate, and confirmed data, attract attention and earn links from industry experts and publications.
  • Create listings with top products to facilitate choices — such materials are in high demand among readers.
  • Add a frequently asked questions (FAQ) section to each page, providing clear and understandable answers to such queries.

The higher quality and more valuable content you offer, the more backlinks you can attract organically. Therefore, focus on content quality, outperform competitors, provide more valuable information, and make your site user-friendly — and people will appreciate this level of care.

Strategic Use of Discounts and Coupon Codes

Discounts work magically on those who claim advertising doesn’t influence them. Everyone likes discounts and sales. This can become your strength. There are resources that offer coupons and promo codes for discounted purchases on various sites. Offer exclusive promo codes to such resources and, in return, receive a flow of customers and backlinks placed on those services.

Conducting Giveaways and Influencer Partnerships

There are two fantastic ways to get backlinks: running giveaways and collaborating with bloggers and influencers. These two strategies can be combined for even better results.

The essence of a giveaway is that individuals fulfill certain contest conditions (such as registering on the site) and receive a guaranteed discount, a small gift, or participation in a draw for significant prizes. You can announce such contests to consumers independently or ask other media to publish this news. This way, you gain a double benefit: brand mention and a backlink to your site.

In the case of collaborating with bloggers, you send them specific products for review. The blogger familiarizes themselves with the product, provides their audience with all relevant information about it, and leaves a link to your site where people can order the same items. This is a strategy actively employed by almost every marketplace worldwide.


Link building for e-commerce projects allows them to become recognized, popular, and successful. It is crucial to choose several methods of obtaining backlinks, focusing not on quantity or speed but on quality. Pay careful attention to establishing partnership relations with other sites, discard gray-hat and black-hat SEO promotion methods, and invest in a quality, user-friendly website with informative and useful content. Ultimately, all these efforts become a strong and unshakeable foundation for the success of your e-commerce venture.

Kyryk Oleksandr
SEO Consultant

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