How to Make Video Fit On Instagram: Video Size, Dimensions, Formats, Etc.

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If you want to create a brilliant advertising message that hundreds of thousands or even millions of users will see, you should choose Instagram (IG). This social network is ideal for promoting your business through multimedia. To understand how to do it right, we'll take a look at the characteristics of video for Instagram — size, formats, resolution, duration, etc.

How to Make a Video Fit on Instagram | Video Size, Dimensions, Format, and More

Types of Videos on Instagram 

In 2018, the IGTV app was launched. According to the social network’s founders, it was supposed to compete with YouTube. IGTV became quite popular. However, it did not meet the expectations of its founders. First, it was merged with the main program, and then, the service was canceled altogether. So, now, we have four video formats.

In-feed Video (Instagram Carousel Video)

This is a video placed in a regular post just like a photo. To add it, you should click the button with the “+” symbol in the upper right, select “Post,” and upload the file from your device. Please note: Instagram video settings are the most loyal for this format. Hence, you can even upload short films to this social network, which you created yourself. 


These are short videos similar to TikTok or YouTube Shorts. They are displayed in a separate section of the app. To view them, click the button with the “Play” icon in the bottom center. Only verified users are allowed to publish Reels. You won’t be able to do so immediately after registering. However, these are temporary restrictions that should be lifted soon. You can add Reels in the same way as regular posts. However, after clicking the “+” button, you will need to select the appropriate menu section. 

Руководство по Instagram Reels: что такое, шаблоны для видео | Canva


These are temporary posts that can be viewed within 24 hours. They are stored in the cloud service’s memory. If you wish, you can restore them or make collages. When new Stories appear, a colored circle appears around the user’s avatar. Click the image to see what he/she wants to share with the followers. To add a video, click the “+” button and select Story. You can upload a ready-made file or shoot a video on the spot.

How To Add Video To Instagram Story From Library - YouTube


These are online broadcasts that can be saved in video format for viewing later. They can be recorded live only, and file downloads are not available. To start streaming, press the “+” button and select the “Live” section in the menu below.

Instagram now lets people add guests to live video streams | TechCrunch

Instagram Video Settings to Keep in Mind When Uploading Video

If you’re just learning about different means of communication on a social network, don’t be afraid to experiment. It’s funny and interesting. However, professionals need to prepare posts scrupulously because even a single low-quality post can negatively affect a brand’s reputation. Therefore, you should know how to make a video fit on Instagram.

Instagram Video Size

Don’t confuse it with duration or resolution. This characteristic only refers to the amount of memory your file takes up. The following file size limits are set:

  • Video in a post — 650 MB for 10 minutes or 3.6 GB for 60 minutes;
  • Reels — 4 GB;
  • Stories — 4 GB for every 15 seconds;
  • Live — 4 GB for the entire stream lasting up to four hours. If this limit is exceeded, the broadcast will be interrupted automatically and you will need to start it again. It is recommended to start broadcasting only if the data transfer rate exceeds 500 KB/s.

Instagram Video Dimensions

Over 86% of users view their feeds via smartphones. Therefore, the normal Instagram video dimension is vertical (portrait). You must follow this rule when publishing Stories, Reels, and live broadcasts. The only exception is videos in posts. They can be horizontal. However, videos with the wrong aspect ratio will be displayed with black bars around the edges. To avoid this, let us move on to the next requirement. 

IG Video Ratio

This social network is primarily focused on mobile devices. Hence, the IG video ratio is adapted to elongated vertical screens:

  • Video in a post is 9:16 in portrait format or 5:4 in landscape (horizontal). It also supports 1:1.91 and 1:1 aspect ratio;
  • Reels — 9:16;
  • Stories — 9:16;
  • Live — 9:16.

Best Instagram Video Format - Aspect ratios for In-feed videos

Recording Length

Instagram focuses on short videos that users can view on the go. The IGTV app, which allowed for the posting of large videos, was not as popular as expected. That’s why the following limits are set now:

  • Video in the post — up to 60 minutes;
  • Reels — up to 60 seconds;
  • Stories — up to 15 seconds. If you upload a longer video, it will be automatically trimmed into 15-second blocks that are published separately;
  • Live — a broadcast can last up to four hours.

Video File Types for Instagram

It is the most important feature. We recommend that you set the appropriate video file types for Instagram in the camera menu at once. It will reduce the time and effort required to convert formats. The app works with MP4 and MOV encoding. 

Moreover, you can post animated images in GIF format to your in-feed and Stories. If you like this type of file, we recommend downloading the GIPHY Capture app. It creates animations from photos and videos.

Instagram Video Resolution

Everyone wants to publish the highest quality posts and stories. However, over 70% of users view content on screens in Full HD format. That’s why Instagram video resolution is limited. It allows for saving traffic and reducing server load:

  • Video in the post — from 680×1080 to 1080×1920 in portrait orientation, and up to 1350×1080 in landscape orientation;
  • Reels — 1080×1920 without variations;
  • Stories — from 680×1080 to 1080×1920;
  • Live — 1080×1920 without variations.

How to Upload the Best Quality Instagram Videos | Artlist

Please note! You can post videos in lower resolution in Stories and posts. However, it means that the image quality will worsen significantly. In addition, the wrong aspect ratio will result in cropped edges or black bars.

Cover Photo Size

IG offers users to select a preview image that will catch the viewers` eyes. Reels and videos in posts support images with a resolution of 420×654 pixels. Images should have a 1:1.55 aspect ratio.


In addition to Instagram video quality, you should keep in mind the community rules. According to the social network’s policy, users are prohibited from posting videos that contain:

  • Content that is not your intellectual property;
  • Videos filmed without the consent of their participants;
  • Images of a fully naked body, except for art objects;
  • Partially naked children’s bodies regardless of the context;
  • Spam, fake reviews, and fake feedback;
  • Violation of national and international law;
  • Illegal products;
  • Threats and calls for either physical or psychological violence;
  • Promotion of self-harm and suicide;
  • Scenes of violence.

As a huge amount of content is published on Instagram, manual moderation becomes impossible. Currently, social network uses AI to search for and block prohibited posts automatically. Of course, this system is not perfect and makes mistakes. If you are sure that your video has been blocked unfairly, you can appeal to the Supervisory Board to challenge the decision. To do this, open the Settings menu in the app (profile → button with three horizontal bars at the top right → button with a gear icon).

Best IG Video Settings for Every Video Type 

The publishing process may seem complicated for a beginner. However, the technical details are simple.  You will not need them if you create a template on how to format video for Instagram.

Content type Format Aspect ratio and resolution File length and size Cover photo
In-feed video MP4, MOV, GIF Vertical – 680×1080 to 1080×1920 (9:16)Horizontal – 1350×1080 (5:4) 10 minutes – up to 650 MB,60 minutes – up to 3.6 GB 420х654, 1:1,55
Reels MP4, MOV 1080х1920 (9:16) 60 seconds – up to 4 GB
Stories  MP4, MOV, GIF From 680х1080 to 1080х1920 (9:16) Every 15 seconds –  up to 4 GB х
Live MP4, MOV 1080х1920 (9:16) 4 hours – up to 4 GB

Tips on How to Increase the Quality of the Videos

If you use this social network as a platform for your marketing activities, you should take a professional approach to your content creation. To get the best video quality for Instagram, you should shoot it with a digital camera or a camera. Such devices are ahead of smartphones in all respects – the sensor`s size and its sensitivity to light, as well as the relative aperture of a camera lens. 

How To Improve Video Quality in VideoStudio

A few more tips:

  • Invest in equipment and your education. Shooting high-quality videos is a real art. By enrolling in a course, you will learn how to hold the camera, set up lighting, choose an angle, and compose a shot.
  • Moreover, shooting with a smartphone can be the right decision, as modern gadgets perform real miracles using AI technologies. However, you shouldn’t completely trust the built-in lens stabilization systems. Instead, it’s better to buy a tripod or a gyroscope selfie stick. 
  • Choose the highest possible bitrate in your camera settings. This term refers to the amount of storage space that one second or minute of a video takes up. Make sure you stay within the limits of Instagram video settings and set the best quality. It will reduce the number of artifacts and other distortions at the same resolution. The optimal bitrate for the social network is 3,500 KB/s or 3.5 MB/s.
  • Shoot at 30 frames per second. IG doesn’t support higher speeds. Moreover, over 50% of users watch videos on devices with relatively low screen refresh rates.
  • Focus on vertical videos. The app does not support changing the screen orientation. Additionally, according to surveys, over 90% of users prefer this format when they can quickly scroll through horizontal videos.

The Rise Of Vertical Video: How Top Brands Are Adopting A New Content  Format | moni

  • Choose the best resolution for each format in the camera settings. The fewer conversions the file undergoes, the higher the final image quality will be.
  • Choose the MP4 file type when shooting. Although Instagram has a MOV video format, it is automatically converted to MP4 for viewing in the app. You should also keep in mind that each conversion step worsens the image quality.
  • If you are shooting and posting videos from some certain place, make sure you have an adequate Internet connection. The minimum required speed is 500 KB/s, and the optimal speed is 2.5 MB/s or faster. If the connection is slow and unstable, the app will automatically reduce the video quality, which may make it less interesting for the viewer. The best option is to download files via Wi-Fi or 4G/5G.
  • If it is possible, it is better to upload all videos via a web interface or a desktop app. They have no quality limitations. Though it may take longer, the result will definitely be worth it.

How to Make a Video Fit on Instagram: Best Video Converter Tools

You can solve simple marketing tasks using a modern smartphone that has a high-tech camera. However, experts advise shooting with professional equipment, as well as performing at least minimal video editing before publishing. Here are some apps that can help make videos fit on Instagram.

Adobe Express

It is the best tool designed specifically for IG requirements. The program is available for both PCs and mobile platforms. The principle of its work is as simple as possible. You upload a video and choose Instagram from the list of profiles. After that, you simply have to save the file and open the social network.

How to use Adobe Express to simplify Instagram marketing - Softonic

If you are interested in advanced editing, you can change the Instagram video format and size, select the desired image fragment, trim a part of a certain duration, and add captions and special effects. The free version of the app provides 2,000 fonts, about 1,000 templates and filters, and 2 GB of cloud storage. 

A paid subscription costs $9.99 per month. It provides users with 10,000 fonts, over 10,000 templates, 160 million stock photos from Adobe, and 100 GB of cloud storage. Moreover, it gives access to advanced features, including bitrate management.


This powerful service is available as an app and a web interface. Its main function is to crop images to fit standard formats of social media and other platforms. It is a two-click process. You just need to select a template from the menu and apply it to your video. The finished profile includes IG video resolution and aspect ratio for Posts, Stories, and Reels. 

Moreover, Kapwing provides some other tools:

  • Trimming video into clips for professional editing;
  • Automatic subtitle generation and text-to-speech conversion;
  • Video background removal;
  • Screen recording;
  • Meme generator.

The free version allows working with videos lasting from 30 seconds to 7 minutes and leaves its stamp in them. Paid subscription starts at $7 per month. To create movies lasting up to two hours, you should upgrade to a professional plan that starts at $12 per month. 


It is one of the simplest online services in its category. You don’t even need to create an account to select the best video size for Instagram, aspect ratio, and resolution. Just upload a video and choose a template. 

Powerful Online Video Editor | Easy, Fast and Free | Flixier

After signing up, you will get additional benefits. These are the option to trim clips, a library of graphic elements, and 2 GB of cloud storage. The video length limit is up to 10 minutes per month. The basic plan cost starts at $14 per month. This package includes the processing of 300 minutes of video per month, 50 GB of cloud storage, unlimited access to the stock library, and team collaboration tools.

VSDC Free Video Converter

It is a free app for desktop platforms. It is well-matched with the most popular file formats, including MP4 and H.264 codecs. The app allows you to select the best video dimensions for Instagram. Like paid services, it provides several templates for popular social networks. Additionally, you can create your profiles to speed up your work. 

Free Video Converter: best software for converting video files easy and  fast.

Moreover, the app offers several video editing tools that allow you to:

  • Trim video into clips, edit, and merge them;
  • Save audio separately and substitute custom tracks as needed;
  • Delete video fragments without cutting the file.


It is a free service available as a web interface and app for desktop devices. It has an open API, so you can connect it to your CMS. OpenShot offers ready-made profiles with optimal Instagram video ratios, TikTok, and other social networks.

OpenShot - Wikipedia

Additional features of the app include:

  • Video cutting and editing;
  • Creating a random number of audio tracks;
  • Adding effects and animations;
  • Slowing down and speeding up video;
  • Powerful subtitle editor.

Final Words – What you need to know about uploading videos to Instagram

Let us conclude. The social network offers four types of videos. These are in-feed videos, Stories, Reels, and live broadcasts. Each of them has certain requirements for aspect ratio and resolution. However, the best option is to shoot vertical videos in Full HD (1080×1920, 9:16). Files in MP4 and MOV formats with a speed of 30 FPS and a bitrate of up to 3,500 KB/s are accepted for publication. To improve image quality, you should upload videos only with a high-speed Internet connection. Several apps are available for editing your videos. Adobe Express, Kapwing, and Flixier are paid apps. However, you can use such free apps as VSDC Free Video Converter and OpenShot.


What Are Good Instagram Video Settings?

It is best to shoot vertical videos with a resolution of 1080 x 1920 and a 9:16 aspect ratio. They are suitable for Posts, Stories, and Reels. The same parameters are acceptable for online broadcasts.

How to Make a Video Fit on Instagram?

The allowed aspect ratio for Broadcasts, Stories, and Reels is 9:16. In posts, you can publish vertical 9:16, square 1:1, and horizontal 5:4 videos.

What Is The Best Instagram Video Size?

Reels — up to 4 GB for 60 seconds, Stories — up to 4 GB for every 15 seconds, in-feed video — up to 650 MB for 10 minutes or 3.6 GB for 60 minutes, and broadcast recordings — up to 4 GB for 4 hours.

What Is The Bitrate For An Instagram Video?

The social network accepts videos with a bitrate of up to 3,500 KB/s (3.5 MB/s) and a speed of up to 30 FPS.

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