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The question "On what indicators does the success of the site depend?" is one of the most important and complex issues related to SEO. Google and its competitors rely on rather vague concepts: source authority, connections with other resources, and relevance to the topic of queries. However, on the basis of these criteria, you can see a quantitive indicator of great importance. This indicator can be determined by a domain age checker.

Domain Age Checker

What Is A Website Age Checker? 

The website age checker determines when exactly a domain name was registered. Knowing the commencement date, it is very easy to calculate how long it exists. Usually, popular services do this automatically. Moreover, they can provide additional information:

  • domain name lease term;
  • information about the registrar;
  • dates of renewal of contracts or transfer of ownership rights.

What Is Domain Age? 

Google defines this term as the time a particular domain name has been existed and maintained. It may differ from the answer to the question of how old is this website because the domain owner can create, update and delete pages with information at any time. If we compare it with real estate, then the domain age is the date of registration of the land, and the website age is the date of construction of the building. 

Google uses the TCP-based WHOIS protocol for domain age lookup. It is a standardized solution that eliminates errors and fraud. However, it also has its drawbacks. Some registrars transfer name creation information with a delay. In addition, they can provide the full amount of information only with a paid subscription. Therefore, data obtained from open sources cannot be an absolute authority. If the question of determining the date of the first entry is crucial for you, it is better to contact the registrar directly. 

Is Domain Age Important For SEO? 

Obviously, Google and other search engines do not disclose the principles of their algorithms. However, various SEO experts estimate the impact of how long has a website been up from 25% to 51%. So, even under modest assumptions, this is one of the most important metrics in search engine optimization. 

But we have already determined that the domain age is different from the website age. And yet, it also has a significant impact on SEO performance. Why so? There are several reasons: 

  1. Authority of the resource. Google employees say fairly: if the domain belongs to the same owner for a long time and they have money to extend the registration, then they are successfully conducting their business and can be trusted in certain matters. It’s very simple and logical.
  2. User experience (UX). This point is related to the previous one. If you check age of website and see it is considerable, its owner most probably knows how to find a common language with visitors. This indicates good technical optimization, which is also taken into account in the search ranking of resources.
  3. Content volume. The older the domain, the more likely it is that the site contains a lot of text, images, and videos. This also increases its authority from the point of view of search algorithms.
  4. Reference mass. When you check domain age, you can also roughly estimate its impact on the industry as a whole. Very old resources usually have many mentions in blogs, directories, and online publications. It is also a very serious success factor in SEO.
  5. Traffic history. Search engines begin to take into account the number of conversions, the level of attention retention, and the percentage of rejections only from a certain age. When the site reaches “maturity”, these indicators begin to positively affect its position.
  6. Brand popularity. Knowing how old is this domain, you can draw a conclusion about the recognition of the company that owns it. Every day we hear about the owners of old domain names – Microsoft, Apple, HP, etc. 

If we draw a new analogy, then two sites with different ages can be compared with specialists in a certain field. One has just graduated from university, and the other already has several years of work experience. Who do you think has the best chance of getting hired and signing a high-paying contract? That’s how authority works: both in the digital realm and beyond. 

Why Use A Domain Age Checker 

The domain age checker tool measures a very large proportion of SEO success. This factor has a significant impact on the site’s ranking. Therefore, leading experts say that to get a sustainable positive result, a long period of time is needed – from 6 to 12 months of painstaking work after creating a resource. Moreover, there are several reasons to enter the address in the search bar of the service. 

Find Out How Old Is This Website 

In fact, there are many reasons to use the URL age checker. It can be simple curiosity, the struggle for authority in the first segment, or the resolution of disputes due to copyright. The WHOIS protocol works the same for everyone: it is even more reliable than paper documents because it is much more difficult to forge a digital record of the creation of a domain name. 

Discover When Was The Website Created 

The domain age tool will help you estimate your chances among competitors. Just see what experience they have in a particular segment. It is quite possible that you will be able to find your niche, in which there are no authorities with many years of experience. 

See When The Website’s Domain Name Expires 

There are well-known stories of when large companies lost tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars due to inattention. Their employees simply forgot to renew domain name leases. Outsiders bought these addresses for tens of dollars and approached the management with an offer bordering on blackmail. But in such a situation, the business had to accept these conditions in order to continue its activities. If you have a well-promoted resource, do not forget to check website age and the lease term of its domain name. 

How To Check Website Age 

On the Internet, you can find several services with the appropriate functionality: 

  • WebFX;
  • SmallSEOTools;
  • Dupli Checker;
  • whatsmyDNS?;
  • Website SEO Checker.

The answer to the question of how to check domain age is very simple. You select the site you want, copy its address from the URL bar of the browser, open the tool window, and paste the text. All you have to do is click the search button to get all the information you need. 

Please note: some services only ask for the site address, while others require the full URL prefixed with HTTP or HTTPS. The most convenient tools automatically convert the entered text into the format they need. Detailed instructions can be found in the FAQ section of your chosen service. 

There is also an alternative way to check how old website is. To do this, you need to create an account in the Google Webmaster Tools service and connect your resource to it. The advantage of this method is the ability to see all versions of the site and date changes. The downside is the need to accumulate data for several weeks or even months. 

Final Words 

A well-known domain registered for several years and continuously maintained by the same owner is a significant contribution to the success of your online business. Although it alone cannot bring the site to the top of search engines, without it, the optimization of the resource will take much more time, effort, and resources. Therefore, beginners and experienced SEO specialists should understand how to tell how old a website is they are working with. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What Is A Website Age Checker? 

Website age checker is a tool that allows you to find out the date of registration of a domain name using the TCP WHOIS protocol. 

Is Domain Age Important For SEO? 

According to various expert estimates, this metric accounts for 25% to 51% of SEO success. Although a solid age alone does not guarantee a place at the top, it is much easier to achieve better results with it. 

How To Check The Age Of A Website 

Open the resource you need, copy its URL from the address bar of the browser, paste it into the window of the specialized tool, and click the search button. 

Is An Older Or Younger Domain Name Better? 

The solid domain name age indicates the authority of the resource, positive UX, brand recognition, and the presence of a large reference mass.

Kyryk Oleksandr
SEO Consultant

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