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Link building is one of the main SEO methods. It implies posting textual content with integrated links on external platforms such as blogs, news sites, review platforms, etc. Link building increases the credibility of a website by improving its rankings in search engines and building a positive reputation. The right approach to this process can significantly increase the volume of traffic and, along with it, the number of leads, conversions, and sales. 

Link Building Software Solutions 2024

Link building is a complicated process with many essential aspects. If you want the link to be useful, you must place it on a relevant website with high domain authority, create high-quality content, and choose a suitable anchor. But that’s not all — you’ll need to regularly analyze your link network, solve current problems, fill in gaps, and block toxic links. 

Doing this manually is not efficient because, in most cases, you are dealing with hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of links. You will need special tools for quick diagnostics and productive network development. Today, we are going to tell you about the best online services for building and maintaining a link network. 

How to Choose the Best Link-building Tools?

The main factor in evaluating a service in this area is its reputation. If the platform offers the best prices, the most user-friendly interface, and the most informative reports, but its data is not trustworthy, it will be useless. That’s why you need to pay attention to testimonials, ratings, and independent reviews. 

Of course, there are many proven link-building services with a positive reputation on the Internet. To choose the right one, you should also consider the following criteria:

  • Pricing. Every business has its budget. A small startup can spend hundreds of dollars a month on website promotion in search engines, while a giant corporation can spend millions. Choose the option that allows you to feel comfortable within your existing budget and does not require additional investments in marketing.
  • Functionality. The required minimum is to check the existing link network, evaluate the effectiveness of each link, and identify the main problem areas. However, top tools can do much more — monitor competitors, identify gaps in your link-building strategy, and even offer authoritative platforms for posting content.
  • Convenience. The service should be simple enough so that you can use it without assistance. Even if a dedicated employee is in charge of link building, you will still have to monitor their work. The concept of convenience also includes the creation of informative reports that will demonstrate the effectiveness of your SEO strategy.
  • Integration capabilities. Link-building tools should integrate with other software, such as SEO services, CRM, website CMS, etc. The easier it is to connect them, the better. 

Top 10 Link-building Tools in 2024

The companies included in our rating are reliable, proven services that have many active subscribers. They provide quality services and prompt support. They are user-friendly, even if you have just recently started to get acquainted with SEO.

1. SEMrush

The service is interesting for its automation of the link-building process. By launching market monitoring, you will see the advantages of competitors, which are also the weak points of your strategy. SEMrush will also show you empty niches that will allow you to quickly increase your website’s rankings. Having identified the priority areas of development, the tool will help you create a content plan for publications and set up an email outreach campaign. It will evaluate the effectiveness of your communications and give you tips on how to improve them. It is an ideal option for startups and entrepreneurs who promote their websites on their own. 

Advantages Disadvantages
39 SEO tools in one subscription A rather complicated interface
Quick search for authoritative resources in your industry Subscription plans are too expensive for small businesses
Informative reports that allow you to create plans for further actions, dividing work by time and impact on website rankings  

Cost: from $129.95 per month. 

2. Respona

It is a popular service for automating link building. It was created as an internal company tool but later evolved into a public platform with hundreds of thousands of active users. Respona offers built-in Google search and ratings from top SEO services to determine the domain authority. The platform also automatically searches for email addresses on the sites you select and loads them into tables. In addition, it provides access to AI tools that allow you to quickly generate personalized outreach emails. 

Advantages Disadvantages
Different SEO tools can be used — Ahrefs, MOZ, Semrush High prices High prices
Built-in analytics module with simple informative reports AI-based tools are not available in the basic plan
Convenient outreach tools for working with bloggers and podcasts  

Cost: from $197 per month.

3. Pitchbox

It is one of the best tools for automating outreach campaigns. By identifying the weaknesses of your strategy, it indicates the priority areas of link building and selects the perfect platforms. Along with each domain, its key SEO indicators are indicated, which allows you to predict the effectiveness of publications. One of the interesting features of Pitchbox is the feature of creating outreach newsletter scripts. In them, you can choose different scenarios if you received a response, if your email was not opened, or if your offer was not delivered.  

Advantages Disadvantages
User-friendly interface with a lot of filters for sorting websites, informative reports One of the most expensive tools in its category
Suitable for any link-building techniques, including guest posts, skyscraper method, and broken link recovery The service is aimed at professionals — beginners can get confused by the large number of reports and metrics
Allows you to easily scale your business without increasing the number of workers and labor costs  

Cost: from $550 per month.

4. BuzzStream

It is a dedicated CRM for link building and outreach. This system will help you to keep in touch with the owners of link-building platforms. It stores a complete history of communications, allowing you to get the best offers and not miss profitable opportunities. Similar to its competitors, BuzzStream displays domain authority ratings and allows you to plan your campaigns several steps ahead. It also allows you to segment sites by key SEO metrics and custom tags, finding the perfect approach for each platform.

Advantages Disadvantages
Lots of templates and themes for email newsletters Rather cumbersome interface that takes some getting used to
Built-in scheduler with the ability to distribute areas of responsibility  
Affordable prices for small businesses and SEO beginners  

Cost: from $24 per month, with a 14-day trial period. 

5. Hunter

A specialized email search tool that works very simply: you give it a list of websites suitable for placing links and get a CSV table with URLs at the end. Hunter stands out from its competitors because it uses a proprietary email verification method based on AI. This ensures a 99% accuracy rate — the margin of error is so small that you can ignore it in your strategy.  

Advantages Disadvantages
Tools for planning email campaigns are available The main function is searching for email addresses only
You can install a browser extension  
API allows you to integrate Hunter into custom software  

Cost: from $34 per month, up to 25 searches per month are free.  

6. HARO (Help A Reporter Out)

It is a platform for connecting journalists with information sources. Employees of portals with a domain rating of 80 and above often use it, so registering on it will be a great way to get effective links. After creating your account and filling out a profile, you will receive newsletters with relevant requests. To use HARO effectively, you should respond quickly, briefly, and meaningfully. You should also write with interesting catchy phrases that can be used as quotes.

Advantages Disadvantages
You can quickly get to the top with one good answer There is a fairly strict policy for using the service
The service allows you to create a permanent connection with reputable experts in your field Beginners will have a hard time getting the attention of leading journalists
The platform is free  

7. BuzzSumo

This service for finding influencers can also be useful in link building. For example, it allows you to find all the sites that link to your top competitors. This is one of the best ways to find authoritative platforms for publishing your content. You can set up notifications when new interesting options are added to the list. Moreover, the service can export data to spreadsheets that can be imported into other applications.

Advantages Disadvantages
Suitable for monitoring links on social media Not suitable for setting up automatic email newsletters
Allows you to filter content by keywords, domains, topics, and custom tags Does not calculate key SEO indicators
Simple minimalistic interface that you get used to quickly  

Cost: from $199 per month, with a 30-day trial period.

8. Ahrefs

It is one of the top SEO services. It was created as a specialized tool for link building and obtained additional functions such as keyword research only a few years later. Ahrefs is interesting because it has its website indexing crawler that can be used as an alternative to Google. It calculates unique DA indices, which you can find in many other apps in our ranking. Ahrefs also holds the record for the largest database — it now contains more than 35 trillion (!) links.

Advantages Disadvantages
Offers intelligent tools that make it easier to find new directions and generate content No traffic analysis for competitors’ domains
Suitable for all link-building techniques without exception Subscription to this service is quite expensive
Allows you to set up customized reports and notifications about problems  

Cost: from $99 per month.  

9. Moz Pro

It is a user-friendly service with a simple interface. It is not inferior to competitors in terms of functionality. Its unique feature is informative reports that allow you to quickly highlight the most productive links and find toxic ones. Like Ahrefs and SEMrush, Moz Pro is a comprehensive set of SEO tools. It offers modules for site auditing, keyword research, and search engine rank tracking.

Advantages Disadvantages
A unique tool for assessing the quality of anchors in links is available Although the interface is very simple, the menu structure seems illogical to many users
The service helps to optimize content for external placement Slightly inferior to competitors in terms of indicator accuracy
The report shows both domain authority and spam rate  

Cost: from $69 per month, with a 30-day trial period.

10. Majestic

It is another all-in-one set of SEO tools. Its functionality is quite predictable — in addition to link building, it offers separate modules for website audit, keyword research, and search results analysis. Its unique feature is Topical Trust Flow, a domain ranking according to the authority of the sites that link to it. This indicator allows you to assess your market position at a glance.

Advantages Disadvantages
The service allows you to view the history of backlinks to draw conclusions from the dynamics of key indicators Users complain about inaccuracies in reports on the status of the link network
You can create customized reports, including for agency clients There are problems with data transfer via API
The interface is very user-friendly and understandable even for those who are new to SEO  

Cost: from $49.99 per month.

Comparison of the Best Link-building Services

Name Main functions Level of complexity Minimum cost of a monthly subscription
SEMrush Link monitoring, outreach automation, idea generation, and content creation High $129.95
Respona Link building effectiveness analysis, contact search, outreach campaign automation Medium $197
Pitchbox Link building efficiency analysis, outreach campaign automation High $550
BuzzStream Link monitoring, contact management, email newsletter automation Medium $24
Hunter Search and verification of emails to contact website owners and administrators Low $34
HARO Establishing contacts with top journalists and publishers Medium Free
BuzzSumo Search for links to specific domains, contact with influencers Medium $199
Ahrefs Link monitoring, content generation, domain authority assessment, website crawling High $99
Moz Pro Link monitoring, anchor evaluation, content optimization for external placement Medium $69
Majestic Link monitoring, domain authority assessment Low $49.99


Thanks to a wide range of online services, each company can choose the best link-building tools according to its needs and budget. We recommend that you carefully study the list of their features and test the functionality of the applications using trial periods. By doing so, you will be able to set up your tools for effective website promotion in the shortest possible time.

Kyryk Oleksandr
SEO Consultant

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