Importing sites into favorites

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The platform has implemented new functionality for creating link placement orders.

The new "Import to Favorites" feature significantly simplifies the process of order creation. Now, customers will be able to optimize their time and efforts to create a list of resources for publishing with the help of PRPosting.

Importing sites into favorites

Relax and work with pleasure

It is known that the selection of donors and the formation of the order for link building is a very laborious process that requires special attention. There may be many sites, and searching for them in the catalog one by one and adding to the order is not very convenient - it is easy to distract, make a mistake, and miss something. Doing it all and double-checking the results is time-consuming.

With the new functionality, you'll need to do a minimum of actions. And you won't miss anything for sure. You can import the desired resources into the Favorites section one by one or in a list. So, now, your inner "control freak" can stay calm - everything is fast, easy, and totally under control.

Example for how to use “import to favorites” for making order by competitor backlinks:

Step 1 

First, create a list of competitors based on a specific keyword.

Arsenkin Tools, Seranking, Ahrefs and PR-CY will be useful for this purpose. You may also use any other tool that lets you upload a list of top sites in the Yandex or Google search results for the search queries.

Step 2  

When you get a list of competitors, you need to find out which sites link back to them.

You can get a list of backlinks to competitors’ sites using Ahrefs, Backlinkwatch, Serpstat, Majestic, or other services.

Example how to get a list of competitors backlinks using Ahrefs:

  1. Go to Keywords explorer by Ahrefs 
  2. Put keywords you need
  3. Check proper country
  4. Press export results

Step 3

Navigate to Favorites and select "import," load the list of sites that link to competitors, and click import.

The maximum number of sites to import at once should not exceed 1000 sites.

The sites that are in the PRPosting catalog will be added to Favorites.

When importing, there is no need to exclude forums, submissions, or sites that do not post articles, since these sites will not be added to Favorites.

Step 4  

Navigate to Favorites and apply the needed filters.

PRPosting provides information on the number of pages in the Google Index, Ahrefs, Similar web, Majestic, Moz metrics.

Add to cart sites with the best performance and the ones that fit your budget.

Step 5

To start the work on a project, you need to top up your account balance and pay for the order. After the payment is completed, the publications will be launched!

Who can benefit from the new functionality? is developing and working on improving the ease of use for platform users. Of course, customers who like to work with tables and exports will appreciate the functional advantages of importing. It also makes it much easier to select platforms for promotion based on resources already used by competitors.

Those who plan to place a large number of publications on numerous resources should also try out the new functionality. You will quickly see how convenient and simple it is.

Oleh Batselia
Marketing specialist at

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