Duplicating a competitor's backlink profile - a part of a website promotion strategy.

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Website promotion strategy includes the ability to copy a competitor's link profile. Whether you like it or not, backlinks to your resource have been and continue to be the main factor in the site ranking and getting to the top. The first page sites got there for a reason, and it is definitely worth taking a closer look at competitors’ link profile.

Duplicating a competitor's backlink profile - a part of a website promotion strategy.

Backlink analysis and competitor strategy will help you build your own promotion strategy and get more links to your site. The idea is that someone has already built a link profile and has done all the hard work from scratch. You can use this to your advantage. A complete copy of the profile will not work, and it is not necessary. The main thing is to use the competitors' site as a model.

Quick guide: how to get competitors` backlinks.

First of all, you need to know your competitor. In general, competitor analysis is important for any type of business promotion. The main thing is to focus on the successful and strong ones. Start is simple - your key and search results. For more specifics, use software (SE Ranking, PR-CY, Arsenkin Tools, etc.).

If you decide to copy backlinks, then most likely you already know your competitors at the domain level or separate pages and your direct business competitors. Go further and get started with careful and painstaking work:

1) Collecting competitor backlinks using special backlink analysis tools.

There are many options (MOZ, Ahrefs, Linkody, Linkpad, SE Ranking, etc.), choose what you like. They offer a different set of functionality and can be free or paid. Everyone is guided by needs and budget.

The top sites have a lot of links, so don't try to cover the vast and start with 2-3 competitors. Enter the competitor's website address into the analysis tool, and upload the donor list or parse it.




2) Link analysis.

The point is to select the highest quality links that will bring you significant link juice. While scraping backlinks, we receive both dofollow and nofollow links from all possible placements:

  • directories;
  • job hunting sites;
  • video hosting;
  • podcasts;
  • geo services;
  • social network;
  • forums;
  • pdf, doc, pptp hosting services ;
  • aggregators.

You can buy some links on the exchange, some can be obtained absolutely free of charge, but you will definitely have to work out the list carefully.

Free links 


It makes no sense to purchase all competitors links. Focus on "strong" links (dofollow), discard weak donors and find the most relevant.

The main selection criteria will be:

  • site trust (what link juice it can transfer);
  • spam;
  • subject or niche;
  • region.

Depending on your project, the priority of the criteria may vary, but the subject matter is always important, otherwise it is regarded as spam.

In addition, you can audit your links in Open Site Explorer or SEMrush, then you will get a list of good backlinks that are working.

3) Placement of links.

Now you know the competitors donor sites and can buy links through the exchange. However, you can dig deeper and take over not only the placements, but the tactics themselves. For example: How did a competitor get this link? What content is more popular? What attracts attention? What types of content does it use? Based on your observations, you will be able to create publications that other resources will be much more willing to refer to. Creating link baiting is the best option. 

To copy or not to copy the link profile, that is the question.

The dream of every SEO's is to get traffic and reach the top, but copying competitor’s link profile has its pitfalls. 

Complete and unconditional duplicating is fraught with consequences:

Duplication of errors.

Google rank winners are veterans of link building. They have been building their profile over the years and have earned authority. However, competitor profiles may contain low-quality links.

The work of specialists is behind the development and building of a competitor's link profile. Like all people, they can make mistakes and have errors. Therefore, complete copying will lead you to pick up mistakes too and waste your budget aimlessly.

Your task is to identify and prevent such mistakes. Not all links are effective, so post links and monitor dynamics. Only positive indicators point to the development direction.

You will not be the leader of the rating.

Of course, a competitor's link profile is a good breeding ground for growth. Adopting tactics, strategies and the same publishers can improve your performance. However, full copying of the link profile is not a guarantee of the same positions. The result may not meet your expectations.

The complete link profile is not always visible.

Backlinks tools show a limited set of data. It is impossible to track all the links that Google took into account. Especially, since some competitors deliberately hide their own link networks.

Complete dependence on a competitor's link profile shouldn't be your full-fledged strategy.Use this tactic rationally and it will definitely pay off. Set limits based on your niche and build your link profile gradually.Set limits based on your niche and build your link profile gradually. It is always better to be a pioneer than a copycat.

Easy way to get competitors backlinks with PRposting by the link - https://prposting.com/blog/5-site-import

Kyryk Oleksandr
SEO Consultant

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