March update announcement

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The digital sphere is moving forward with leaps and bounds. Manage to keep the rhythm. We keep our finger on the pulse of events, so our February update block is already working.

What we added:

1. Ordering and posting articles become faster and easier.

Let's analyze the mechanics. What you need: good content + proven publishing platforms + speed. We already have professional authors, reputable and proven sites, so we have upgraded the speed.

Previously, you ordered content writing and then waited for the article approval. Afterward, you chose the placements. Now we have streamlined the process. When ordering an article, you immediately choose the publisher. As soon as you approve the content, it is immediately sent for publication to the chosen site. Unnecessary waiting is reduced and order speed increases.

2. Usability within one page.

In the “Articles” section, we have organized the maximum of useful information within one tab. Now you visually collate article titles, anchors, and URLs into a single picture. No important aspect of guest posting escapes you.

3. News sites in catalog

Sites that have been added to our catalog less then 30 days ago are marked by “new”. Use filter “Date Added” and check new offers for your project!

4. Blog release.

PRposting service provides more and more useful information. Find out the news from the world of SEO and Linkbuilding, tighten your knowledge of content creation, and upgrade your marketing skills with our blog.

Blog PRposting Topics:

  • Link building;
  • Content marketing;
  • Technical SEO;
  • Cases;
  • SEO news;
  • Reviews and interviews.

We will help you not to get lost in the jungle of links, titles and will guide you to the top of the search results. 

You can join the team of our authors. Publish your guest posts on the PRposting blog. All you need is an article corresponding to the blog topics in Ukrainian, English, and Russian. We can post only 2 dofollow links. As soon as we confirm your article, we publish it on our blog. Send your masterpieces to [email protected] and let the world know about you.

Follow our updates and reach new heights with PRposting.

Oleh Batselia
Marketing specialist at

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