Campaigns - a new tool to sort projects

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Campaigns is a new innovative feature at PRPosting, which lets you set up easy navigation in projects and prioritize work with publications. Let's see how to work with Campaigns and highlight the main benefits of the tool.

Campaigns - a new tool to sort projects

How to create and manage campaigns

To create a campaign, navigate to the respective section in the left sidebar in your account at PRPosting. Next, click "Ad Campaign." You can assign a name to the new campaign at this step or whenever you wish afterward. 

You may add publications to campaigns when you create and edit texts or when you order content. In the second case, a finished text is immediately attached to a specific campaign.

Text editing 

Sort by campaigns

You may assign different campaign names, which will be used to sort and group publications. It lets you independently customize the navigation in the project by dividing publications by the following criteria:

  • nofollow и dofollow publications;
  • PR- и SEO-content; 
  • geo posting; 
  • publications with different budgets; 
  • content formats; 
  • campaign dates; 
  • SEO-metrics, etc. 

Thus, you can easily manage publications and save time while working on your projects.

Project-management using campaigns  

You can switch campaign status at any time from active to paused and back, which makes it easy to prioritize work, focusing only on relevant ones.

You may archive finished campaigns without completely removing them. Thus, you can use essential details from finished projects for statistics and reports.

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