Press releases are an essential part of an effective marketing strategy if you want to enhance your company's reputation. Traditionally, consumers trust the media more than social networks. Therefore, the information received through these channels is considered more reliable and verified. 

However, it is not enough to issue a press release. You also need to send it to news agencies that may be of interest to your target audience. Moreover, it is necessary to agree on the publication of the proposed information and monitor the implementation of the agreements. 

Thanks to the press release distribution service, you will not only increase your brand awareness but also save on advertising. The business promotion agency will take care of the implementation of all stages of a media campaign, from the preparation of press releases and their distribution to publication in local and global media. 

The PR service provider has a huge database of contacts with electronic and print media around the world. Thanks to a working network for the exchange of information, the whole world or particular regions will instantly know about your company, depending on which market you are targeting.

Use an integrated approach when building your marketing campaign. This will maximize the reach of the target audience and increase sales. Information provided through the media works much more efficiently than advertising and is easily embedded in the minds of consumers, forming their preference orders. Evaluate the high return of this marketing tool with our help!

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